What’s your body type? I did a contest last week and that made me think that alot of people are confused in reference to the specific names for body types. I decided to post this body type chart, which I found on a plus-size website. I thought it covered all the different types nicely. Mines is the reverse triangle. Which one are you?

What do you hate and love about your body type and what styles in clothing do you have to avoid?

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28 Responses to WHAT’S YOUR BODY TYPE?

  1. Ferris says:

    I don’t know which one I am…

  2. I’m a reverse triangle as well. sometimes i hate it because i wish my hips were more in proportion with my upper half. did you get my email?

  3. missgeorgiastate says:

    Well, according to this, I’m a triangle. I am smaller on top and wide on the bottom. Interesting analysis of women’s body types.

  4. gena says:

    Okay I think am a rectangle :-|

  5. Sher says:

    I tend to be a rectangle. I look skinny from the side, but face on am square. Doesn’t look like I have a waist.

  6. Nicole says:

    It’s hard to say… I’m either a rectangle or a reverse triangle. I don’t have anything in the way of hips, my waist is pretty much nonexistent, and I have big boobs. I definitely am bigger up top than I am on the bottom. idk

  7. Esther says:

    Hourglass all the way :)

  8. zulema2 says:

    Figure 8 or hourclass….I think a little of both!!! This was really helpfull!!!


  9. eyeliah says:

    I suppose inbetween and hourglass and a triangle.

  10. Kaydee says:

    I am a triangle!

  11. southernbella says:

    i think i’m a diamond small c cup..small chest…narrow shoulders.. straight thru waist and hips.. like a board! LOL! what do you think.. umm..

  12. Angela says:

    Can I ask what site you got this from? I’d really like to read about the characteristics of the body types… based upon just the diagrams I’d say I’m hourglass… but that is only if some hourglasses can be larger than other hourglasses!
    This is great info to have – thanks for posting!

  13. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ mike – huh? Are you referring to men?

  14. Fab50Plus says:

    Sigh…a triangle which is just like having two bodies!

    Great post…I’ll be pointed to it from my blog!

  15. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ fab50plus – look like you are in the same boat as me! :-|

  16. Georgia says:

    Rectangle I am afraid!

  17. Eboni Ife says:

    Your blog has such a wealth of interesting and helpful info! Okay, so believe it or not, for years I thought I was a square or maybe a reverse triangle. I NEVER would have thought for a minute that I was an hourglass. But I was understanding hourglass all wrong. I thought you had to have fairly wide hips to be considered an hourglass, which I do not have (always wanted them). Of course, I now know that I am an hourglass because even though my hips are not really wide, they are significantly wider than my waist, and the same goes for my bust to my waist ratio. I got measured for a bridesmaid dress and the people at the bridal shop laughed at me when I told them I was a square… “oh no, honey! you are definitely an hourglass”… go figure!

  18. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ eboni – lucky you, I got the worst one reverse triangle – LOL!

  19. Mabel says:

    Figure 8 unfortunately!!!

  20. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ mabel – I’m right along with you with that “unfortunately” comment, I’m a reverse triangle, yuck!! :-|

  21. MissKRoberts says:

    Hi Budgetnista,
    Just foud your site@ Love it!
    I’m an hourglass/triangle(when i’m skinny) with weight on me i morph into a mixture of the two.

  22. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ MissKRoberts – lucky you, I’d take that over my shape any day of the week. I have the reverse triangle when I add pounds I look like a linebacker! Horrible body type to have would not wish it on my worst enemy. Nothing ever looks right!

    • Wema says:

      Linebacker Lol!
      Am a reverse triangle too, fortunately am petite.. Through fashion blogs, one good one is the http://www.thechicfashionista.com, I’ve learnt to dress my body in suitable clothes, I go for dresses and skirts with detail around the hips and more loose, (goodbye bodycons!), I avoid tops with heavy shoulder detail, and wear Jean trousers with pocket detail etc…work with what you have and it will get easier and more fun with time..
      p.s. there are other body types that are more difficult to dress.
      All the best Reverse Trianglers…

  23. Shortwaisted101 says:

    Ugh. I hear you! Sometimes I LOVE my body figure and think I look sexy. But other times I feel like when I’m looking at myself I’m a box. Tight fitting, long waisted clothes are all I feel comfortable in because I feel like I have to prove that I’m skinny, just REALLY curvy. I have an EXTREME hourglass figure. No gentle curves for me, just super long legs and tiny boobs. Im a total freak. :( My hips are bigger than my ribs so it makes me look….larger than life. I work out every day too. I wish I could stretch myself out every day.

  24. Carmen says:

    Definitely… I’m an hourglass!

  25. Barbara says:

    I am a rectangle. I’m pleased with the shape until I turn sideways – then I’m an hourglass (small bust & tummy out as about as far.) Could say I’m stay busy looking at two!

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