What do you think of Shoe Clubs?

What do you think of shoes clubs?
I just found out about yet another shoe club - Sole Society. The first shoe club was of course started by Kim K. - ShoeDazzle, then another club popped up called Just Fabulous and now we can add another one to the mix. Sole Society.
Sole Society offers members the same features as ShoeDazzle. You enter a profile of your fashion likes or dislikes. This gives the club information to determine your overall style and what shoe you would most likely purchase. Based on what they determine from your preferences, they suggest several shoe styles for that member to select from each month. ShoeDazzle I believe may give it's members 3 or 4 choices, whatever you pick there is a flat price of $39.95 per shoe. JustFab is also $39.95 and Sole Society's monthly charge for one (1) shoe is $49.95. The shoe club displays a few styles they believe may appeal to the member's taste to purchase each month (hence the personal stylist angle). You can opt-out of buying anything that month by logging in and setting that option before a certain date.
I'm not quite sure what I think of that concept yet because even if you were an extremely busy person and was not able to shop the brick and mortar stores; there are still really good shoe deals to be had on-line from many different retailers and many of the shoes are brand-names under $50 dollars. Belk has really good deals (especially during seasonal clearance) and so does Macy's and Nordstroms Rack. I have picked up brands like BCBG, Jessica Simpson, Nine West, etc on sale either at the store or on-line for under $50 dollars.
Personally, I really need to try the shoe on if I'm unfamiliar with how the brand fits or I know their sizing is inconsistent - like Aldos! I also like the art of the hunt. I know what I like as soon as I see it and I don't think even with the most detailed survey that anyone can get my style down pat, even I don't know what will truly appeal to me until I see it, view it at different angles, walk around with them on or style an outfit around it.
Though, I thought some of the styles were cute on a few of the shoe clubs, I didn't see where any of them were exclusive designs for that particular shoe club or that they were using designers like Payless. I mentioned Payless because most of their shoes are vegan and it looks like the majority of shoes these clubs offer their members are made of vegan/PVC material. There is nothing wrong with that at all provided that each shoe has good workmanship behind it and they are able to work well with the material so it "realistically" mimics natural fibers.
I like what Payless has done with Alice + Olivia and Chris Siriano. I wonder now that other companies are getting into the 'shoe club' game if Kim K. will step it up a notch and start using guest designers? Certainly, she now needs something to separate ShoeDazzle from what looks like a forming 'pack'. Would you become a member of a shoe club?
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18 Responses to What do you think of Shoe Clubs?

  1. Sing says:

    Not for me. My feet are so fickle I must try every pair on unless I know the brand and how it fits me.

  2. Kaylyn says:

    I’m a member of Just Fab and ShoeDazzle. I love shoe shopping, and like you feel like I really need to try shoes on before buying them. But, I’ve found that these sites are nice because they show me some shoes that I sometimes can’t find around town or wouldn’t try on my own. ShoeDazzle gives you tons of options every month, way more than when the site first started and they’ve added bags and jewelry. I know they’ve partnered with Michael Antonio in the past but I’ve always had hit or miss encounters with that brand. I always think the shoes are super cute but sometimes they just don’t fit my feet. Just Fab has some Iron Fist collab going on right now and I am dying to buy a pair of pink and purple sequined beauties, but unfortunately they don’t offer half sizes so I’ve held off, even though the reviews say I should order half a size up anyway.
    That was all a really wordy way for me to say, I still prefer shopping for shoes in person, but sometimes when life is hectic and I’m too exhausted to go shopping, it’s nice to see what these sites have lined up for me. I’ve only ever actually purchased from ShoeDazzle, and while I have returned a couple pairs (their return procedure is so easy!), most of the shoes become instant faves in my ever growing collection

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ kaylyn – totally get it, yeah you can use them as a back-up option for shoes if you are not up to the mall marathon. ;-)

      Also Iron Fist looks very similar to the Naughty Monkey shoe line.

  3. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ sing – I do have to try my shoe on because my feet are semi-narrow and that can cause some problems. I bought a few pairs from urbanog.com and had to send two of them back at my expense because of a fit problem, so unfortunately I can’t order from them anymore. Hence, the need to try on my shoes if at all possible.

  4. Erin says:

    Miss your beautiful face. Just because you gained a few pounds doesn’t mean you have to hide away. I follow your blog religiously I didn’t even notice.

    Although you should certainly pay attention to your health, you should never stop doing something because of your weight. Just as you have mentioned age should not be a limitation, either should weight. Again love your fab blog!!!!!

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ Erin – Thank you sweetie! I appreciate the words of encouragement very much. Just not happy with where I’m right now, but I will be back! :-)

  5. Hope says:

    I was once apart of all the above shoe clubs. Intially the idea appealed to me because I thought that the selection of shoes were larger and very similar to celebrity styles at lower prices. I would see bloggers and facebook friend rocking some fierce styles that were unique and trendy. However, I was rarely please with the selections they chose for me so I requested alternate selections (most were gaudy and cheap looking and just not my style). Even if I saw some shoes I liked they never screamed “Buy me now, right now!!”. Then when I looked through my friends showroom they had many of the same styles and sometimes worst. In the past year or so that I have been a member I only made 2 purchases, 1. A nice Melie Bianco bag (melie bianco for $40 + 20% off now that ain’t bad at all) 2. 2 pair of shoes B1G1 free. After realizing that I could find better deals and of course badder shoes (that’s bad meaning good) on my own I cancelled my membership. To each is own but my experience was nothing to write home about!!


    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ Hope – yeah I hear ya. I like brands like Aldos, BCBG, JS, Nine West, Steve Madden, Vince Camuto, Rock N Republic, etc. you can find good deals at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and most of the major department stores when they are trying to move out their inventory for new styles. Me personally, I’d rather go that route then do a shoe club. However, some people enjoy shopping shoe clubs for the convenient I guess and styles regardless of whether it is a known brand or not. Just to let you know Nordstroms owns Sole Society.

      I joined just to review the shoe selection and I was not impressed with the few styles I saw. One shoe in particular was a very nice design and great color but the faux suede was horrid and they used a plastic heel instead of making the heel area out of the same material as the rest of the shoe, not good. I’ve seen much better quality vegan shoes from brands like Qupid, Bamboo and yes even Payless (cause Payless has stepped up their game). Vegan shoes are not bad it’s all about good execution and fabrication.

  6. shai says:

    I joined a shoe club and I don’t like it. Most of the shoes are platform shoes. I don’t like how each month before the 5th I have to say skip the selection, so I won’t be charged the fee. I have came across an leather shoes, I like having a bigger selection and the return policy is not good. I love browsing through online shoe sites and buying good quality shoes. I have only made one purchase, so in essence, I paid $80(fee + shoe price) for a shoe that is not of high quality. I plan to leave this month.

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ shai – totally understand. I much prefer a good leather shoe any day of the week. Vegan shoes can look and feel just as good but the execution of the shoe must be on-point and very detailed (no excess glue showing, plastic heel, bad looking simulated suede or leather, uneven or woggly heel, gaps, etc.) when the right work is put into a vegan shoe it can look just as good as a leather shoe, but I will always prefers to own a good leather shoe.

      I agree that there are too many good deals at other retailers to just put all your eggs in one basket and shop exclusive at one source each month. Personally, that’s just not for me.

  7. Kathy says:

    I don’t think I could do a shoe club. I usually buy shoe with a 2 inch heel or lower. I’m not into wearing stilettos so those clubs wouldn’t work for me anyway.

  8. Nikki S. says:

    I’m currently a soon to be ex-shoe dazzle member. Even though you come across some great styles from the site, in my experience there is always something wrong with the shoes. In most cases, they’re too narrow, the platform is off, the heel height is higher than stated,and what I can’t stand the most – the booties or strapping shoes always have an unusal amount of space around the ankle. I love shopping on line but sometimes you get what you pay for..

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ Nikki – totally agree! Best thing to do if at all possible is purchase your shoes at a brick and mortar so you can try the shoe on; something even though you might be familiar with the brand that particular style might run big or small.

  9. Kim Brown says:

    You just taught me something new, girl I need to find some time to get back in the game, things move so fast. Not sure about this one, I’ll have to get back to ya!

  10. So after reading this post a while ago, I re-visited ShoeDazzle and was totally intrigued. I created my account with them when they first came out but never ordered or even found out how it worked! I just placed my first order after purchasing a groupon deal for $19 so I really am excited to receive my first pair of shoes from them. Thanks for posting this and letting me know about the other shoe clubs. From what I see, I really don’t like JustFab. The site is not user friendly and there are too many things that are always sold out. The shoes also look very teenager, going-to-the-club cheap to me. I think I like SoleSociety, but $50 as opposed to $40 seems like a HUGE difference…maybe I’m just being cheap. lol. Anyways….the point is THANKS! (even tho I don’t normally comment, I read your blog pretty regularly)

  11. I’ve had a chance to try all four of the major shoe clubs (JustFab, ShoeMint, Sole Society and ShoeDazzle). I really love the whole idea of them and some of the shoes I’ve found through them are really fun and unique.

    Some have not been of the greatest quality, but for the most part I have been impressed. I’ve found that the lower priced sites (Justfab and ShoeDazzle) have more styles that I like and the quality is just as good as the higher priced ones (ShoeMint and Sole Society).

    Would definitely recommend anyone out there who is interested to at least sign up and give it a shot! There is no requirement to buy anything and its actually pretty fun.

  12. jenny says:

    I would love those sites but I wear a 12 (1 inch bigger after giving birth) and unfortunately these sites don’t cater to my feet :( but if they did oh my I would have a closet full of shoes

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