Time to Downgrade my Heels

Well I think the time has finally arrived, when I have to downgrade my heel height.  A few months ago I slipped in a restaurant and twisted my ankle and ever since that incident I’ve been dealing with occasion swelling and pain.  I went to the ortho clinic and they told me I had some kind of sprain that is common for individuals with flat feet.  They gave me to exercise to do with a theraband, but the exercises really suck so I’m trying to find some good youtube videos of better exercises I can do that will allow me more control.  

In the meantime I’ve been wearing my sneakers to work.  I’ve invested in some good insoles and yes, I may have to start downgrading my heel height. At 51 it’s probably time to go from those sky high 5 to 5.5 inch heels to nice 3 to 2.5 inch heel right about now. so I’ve been shopping at the Goodwill and other thrift stores buying lower heel dress and casual shoes to populate my shoe racks.  I’ve been finding some great deals for under $7.  So I should have a nice selection in no time.  I still plan on wearing the higher heels I’ve invested so much money in over the last 10 years, they’ll be worn for events where I won’t be on my feet all night.

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8 Responses to Time to Downgrade my Heels

  1. robindrush says:

    Sorry to hear about your fall. I too have flat feet and had a similar incident. Now I wear lower heels. It was hard to make peace with that but I soon surrendered. Foot mending takes time. Wear the orthotics, if prescribed. They do help. BTW,you don’t look your age–really.

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      I twisted my ankle trying not to fall. LOL. Yeah, even if this didn’t happen I knew as the years march on that I would have to downgrade on my heel height because my knees would have demanded that I do so. I’m totally okay with it, I been finding some real cute 3 inch heels. :-)

  2. Erin says:

    Love the new bangs, was curious now that you have had them for a while are you happy with them? I know sometimes people make a change like that to their hair no matter how great it looks they can regret the decision.

    By the way you look amazing in any heel height.

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ erin – Thanks for the compliment. I actually let them grow out a bit and now I have them sweep to the side. So I can go back and forth with it and it’s actually more versatile than you think.

  3. Dee says:

    Hey girl: As you know I am over 60 and I am still wearing my high heels but I do have to stop at 4 inches. You have given me a great idea to cruise the various thrift stores to add to my shoe wardrobe, like I really need more shoes (smile).

    I am only sharing this because you shared that you are a member of this club. I lost my mother on January 25, 2015 and laid her to rest on last Tuesday. My friends who unfortunately are members of this club also tell me that in time the pain will get better, right now I can’t imagine that it ever will.

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ Dee – I’m so sorry to hear about the lost of your mom. You have my most sincere and deepest sympathy. You know how I felt about my own mother passing 7 years ago. It still feels like yesterday for me. I miss her a lot, but I try not to be sad anymore, because I know she worried about me a lot and how I would ‘get along’ after she was gone knowing how much I loved her and that she was big part of my life. No more tears because I know she would want me to be happy. I sure your mother would want to same for you. You have to grieve and you will and yes, soon things will get bearable, better…..I don’t know about that. But bearable yes. Her is a vitual hug for you my friend. (>O_o)> (o_O )

  4. Dee says:

    Thank you my friend!

  5. Kim Brown says:

    Be careful my love. I’m sure you’ll still make the lower heels sexy!

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