The Ludicrous Price of Fashion!

I found an article on the net titled Has Luxury Become Ludicrous?

You know what my answer is to that. HELL YEAH!

I turned this articles title around to say that the price of fashion as a whole despite so-called luxury items has become completely bloated in a very harmful way! Many young women are going into thousands of dollars of debt – bad debt trying to keep up with the “high price” of owning luxury goods.

That particular articles speaks on the high price of handbags and other accessories featured in the monthly fashion rags. I also found forum comments from women who were literally outraged by the expensive price tag of the clothing and shoes that are featured in such magazines as More, Lucky and InStyle. Many of them canceling subscriptions or not subscribing at all because they can’t relate to the price points of the products they are pushing between their glossy pages.

Needless to say, I was relieved to see the annoyance of many and to know that I was not the only one that was experiencing sticker shock when I thumb through these mags. It’s also good to know that I’m not just being overly frugal or unreasonable about what I’m willing to spend (even though I think I cheaper than most about buying certain things). I still feel like I’m in good company, because there are still some women out here with good, common sense. All is not lost on those who are easily influenced by the rantings of the insatiable fashion industry and the designers that feed the flames.

Handbags are my biggest pet peeve. They are completely out of control. It’s quite insane and utterly shameful that someone could resolve in their head to pay $1700 and well into 5 figure ($17,000) range for a few pieces of leather sewed together with some bobbles throw in for visual effect. Do you know what that type of money can do for some of the hard-pressed kids attending public schools that are all crumbling, literally from budget cuts as we speak? That kind of money? Try to break that down for me so it makes some kind of immediate sense, please. Celebrities in the tabloids are the foot soldiers of mass promotion. I don’t think a lot of women process the fact these celebs have these bags on loan from stylist or they are given freebies for direct marketing purposes.
A great deal of their clothing are also “on loan” from stylist studios! They are not buying this stuff ladies!! Heck they don’t even pick it out! Every outfits is styled from the red carpet to casual shopping at Kitson. Then they turn around and bring the majority of that stuff right back to the studio. Some women are actually trying to keep up with this mess and its driving a lot of them into personal bankruptcy. This is not just a U.S. trend, this is a global thing. It just makes you want to yell “wake up and stop the madness!” Clothing, shoes and accessories should not be eating up 20% or more of your monthly budget, yet some women are buying-in lock, stock and barrel to ideology that owning the latest designer offering each season is an investment and very necessary. Subjecting themselves to massive amounts of frivolous debt, when those funds could clearly have benefited them in more productive ways or allow them to benefit someone else.
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10 Responses to The Ludicrous Price of Fashion!

  1. Corey says:

    I hear you!

    I just received my last issue of InStyle. I decided I had enough. There’s no way I could justify spending anything near what they show. And their “deals & steals” section is a joke. A deal/steal is not a $100 sweater!

  2. KT says:

    Amen sista-friend.
    I suscribe to Lucky, but agree that the items they display are way overpriced. However, I use it strictly for ideas and inspiration and to get a feel for what colors are hot and what fashions I need to put a little further back in my closet for a few seasons. I’m a bargain and thrift shopper and get daily compliments on my fashion sense, and I’m always thinking, if they only knew how inexpensive everything I wear is. Of course there are a few items that I spend good money on like classic foundation pieces, but they last forever and don’t go out of style. (and those purchases are far and few between these days)

  3. Diya says:

    I don’t even bother looking at Vogue or Lucky anymore; it’s not really going to help me dress with a college budget so why bother?

  4. sharon rose says:

    Hi there-excellent post, well said my dear!! I ditto all of this!

  5. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    I like Lucky Mag but after my present subscription is up – I will not be renewing!

  6. I have long ago decided to stop looking at the actual prices of clothing in my favorite mags. I look at the ads and pics to get ideas of how to reinvent clothing I have or purchase inexpensive alternatives from stores in my price range (H&M, Marshalls, Ross, Forever21…). Even if I had thousands of dollars to spend on clothing, I couldn’t bring myself to buy half the clothing they have in mags these days!

  7. Lurker in the City says:

    I agree, but look at it this way…Magazines are for entertainment purposes only, like movies. I won’t pay $100 for a sweater no more than I will sit in a car on an isolated street while a madman with a hook for an arm is on the loose.

  8. Coco says:

    Amen to this! I always wondered how people around me, making the same amount of money as me, could afford to by LV bags and Michael Kors shoes. I had no idea people would actually go into debt just to wear a label. Naive, I know, but people actually do it. You show everyday that you can look good and save money doing it. Thank you for having sense!!! :)

  9. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ coco – Thank you sweetie. Insane! I get it if you pick up a designer label via thrift, sample sale, discount store or Ebay but there are those that really go into debt to get an item as soon as it hits the boutiques and place like Neiman Marcus, they don’t want wait for sample sales or for a few seasons to past. Crazeee!

  10. Wema says:

    And thats why I was instantly attracted to your blog page, you can still look chic and classy on a budget, which to me means finding clothing that’s suits my style at the best prices. O magazine is also notorious….am not spending $325 on a dress, even if I win the lottery!

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