Surprise Your Mates with These Stunning Short Prom Dresses from UK.Millybridal

Hi you all! Happy New Year! You must have had a nice time at the new year’s eve, so did I. I planned to attend the New Year Eve party and wrote one formal dress guide for all of you who also had a party. But I changed my mind and spent that precious time with my family. They are the ones I love the most in the world.
Still in this post I will recommend some beautiful dresses in short or mini length. As this is the first post this year, I really devoted myself to it. So hope you will love it.
First come the style of prom dresses for those who want to have a mature look. All the dresses I pick here are not only for proms but also great to wear on other special occasions such as evening parties and cocktails.

a.   This dress is made of lace, the most flattering material. It is also in the sexy silhouette, bodycon. It clings to the wearer’s body and points out the feminine curves. It is made a high neck at the front to show sexiness while the back is made open. The color is also my favorite although all the colors are available. The gold color makes the dress look much richer.

b.   I put this dress in this collection because of the unique style. This is the most beautiful asymmetric dress I have seen. With the attractive dress color, it will surely stand the wearer out in the crowd. All the embellishments around the waist are beads instead of embroidery. The bead work is also great.

c.   This is the one for elegant ladies. The off-the-shoulder design is the key point of making it an elegant choice. And the back is made zipper instead of lace-up. So it will be very comfortable and easy to wear. It can also be worn as bridesmaid dresses for weddings.

Then here are some short prom dresses in typical styles for school girls only. They are made of lace, tulle or chiffon in cute styles without showing too much skin. Those dresses are aimed to emphasize the youth and enthusiasm of school girls. They are also easy to walk and move.

Tell me girls, which look is your favorite? All the dresses are from If you found all my picks not stunning enough, visit the store by yourself and get what you want there.

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