SJP Shoe Line at Nordstrom

This is late, I know all you fashionistas are aware of SPJ’s new offering, but I figured I put my two cent in.

Sarah Jessica Parker is back!  This time the fashionable diva is pushing  a new shoe line, SJP at Nordstrom. Now I got mad love for SJP and I really appreciated her affordable fashion line Bitten and I hated that the line was discontinued when her retailer went out of business.  Sooo, I guess she wants to make sure she won’t be traveling down that road again because her new shoes line is housed at retail heavy weight – Nordstrom.  This is good stuff.    However the new line that launched in February has a new price point – $195 to $750 which includes shoes and handbags!

This is SJP rationale: “Shoes seemed like the most natural connection because of the role I played on a show for so long,” Parker says. “And I thought, ‘How could I ask someone else to spend their hard-earned dollars on something that I myself might not wear every day?’ I wanted a beautiful, well-made shoe that was still affordable, that would last forever in your closet.”  Okay, so she needed to give her shoes a designer price point in order to rock them? I’m not quite understanding.  Clearly I will have to wait for a markdown because I don’t open my wallet to purchase shoes until the price hits under $200.  

What I see I like, only downside for me personally is she made a choice to not produce any heels over 4.25 inches.  I guess that’s a good thing in a practical way because I really need to downgrade my heel height now that I’m pushing 50, but I want to try to get away with wearing 5 inch heels at least for another 2 years before I move on down to a 4 inch.  Still there is a lot of cute stuff here, what do you think ladies?



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