Platform vs Non-Platform Shoes

I decided to keep buying platform shoes.  I don’t care if non-platform shoes are the trend right now. I’m sticking with my platforms because my feet needs support when I’m wearing heels.

I don’t want to go back to wearing non-platform heels that really hurt my feet especially with me having some issues with one of my ankles (and I definitely have to stay away from from the no platform shoes with a wide toe area).  I was so happy when platforms made a comeback because I was able to wear a higher heel and not feel any impact pressure or stress on my feet, they were comfortable and I was able to rock them all day without any major problems, especially if there was a one inch platform in the front to level things out.

I can do a non-platform shoe if the heel is 3 inches or lower but above that I need a front platform to ease the incline and make wearing heels more bearable for me.  I was searching for an affordable inspired look to these amazing Guiseppe Zanotti gladiator sandals pictured below and I found the perfect look-for-less on Ebay.  The Guess Ormandi was the winner.  It had the platform and sturdy stacked heel that was missing from the Guiseppe’s and it gave me the same wrap-around inspired detail like the Guiseppe’s .  What was even better was I got them new  for $32 including shipping.  I think the Guess shoes came out like a year ago so hence why I got a good price.  Just looking at both shoes, you can see which ones would have your feet hurting within an hour.  The Guess Ormandi wins hands down, can’t wait to get them!


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