Keeping Your Cheap Chic Look Luxe!

Being creative to save money is absolute key in maintaining a reasonable clothing budget. I like to maximize my dollar by shopping at discount retailers like Target, Junior Store like Forever 21, shopping department stores during seasonal clearance like Macy's, Dillards, Sears and designer discount stores like Nordstrom's Rack, Marshalls and T.J. Maxx.
I do purchase quite a bit of "cheap chic" items from different places. I think a great way to pull some of these pieces off is to do the "low-end, high-end" mix. It's quite the trend for women to mix inexpensive vintage and luxe designer pieces. You can work this same combination with your cheap chic pieces and higher-end department store brands (or designer pieces if you have any).
 Try limiting your cheap chic pieces to one or two per outfit.
 Only use one main cheap chic piece per outfit if at all possible. (ex: a H&M Shirt paired with Banana Republic slacks and a Michael Kors belt). This combination balances your look and keep the luxe factor in full effect.
 When purchasing cheap chic items makes sure they look luxe. Check for the weight of the fabric, extra detailing, nice buttons, stitching, is it lined? I always do this, I try to buy the best cheap chic piece I can find. I'm constantly looking at fabrication and fit.
Using quality accessories like a fine leather belt, silk scarf or quality jewelry can help to balance your cheap chic look and add more of a luxe factor.
 Add a pair of really nice leather shoes to your outfit or if you are wearing vegan shoes make sure the fabrication of the shoes are on-point!
 You can always add more luxe to your cheap chic items by swatching out what's on the garment with nicer buttons, trim or embellishment.
 Keeping track of how much money you spend is important – even smaller, inexpensive things add up. Try using personal finance software or apps while you shop!
 Throwing in medium and small accessory pieces like a nice leather bag or a pair of leather gloves with a mink collar to your outfit, can definitely increase the luxe factor of your look without breaking the bank.
 Certain fabrics work better for cheap chic apparel such as heavy jersey, sateen, cotton, some wool-blends, etc. These pieces tend to hang or fit better if the fabric is of a decent quality, making your item look like it cost more then what you paid.
 Buying basic prints, colors and styles can help to keep your cheap chic pieces timeless and lends to more versatility (ex: White tailored shirt, black pencil skirt, taupe trousers, polka dot blouse, pinstripe blazer). It also gives you the ability to style these pieces more frequently into different looks.
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4 Responses to Keeping Your Cheap Chic Look Luxe!

  1. Lena says:

    Great post…good tips!

  2. Sing says:

    Nice tips. I’m really into making sure the fabric is quality.

  3. LORENA says:

    These are some great tips –
    Lately I have been looking at details, like you mention.
    For example the stitching, how small it is – button quality, how thin fabric is.
    For dresses, if they are lined or not- I have even invested in a marvelous slip for those times when I find a dress that I cannot pass but fabric is see through.
    Also, for shoes, I am constantly escrutinizing my own… it’s all in the details.

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