It’s all in the way y.o.u. wear it……


Dress – Libery of London

Obi Belt – (not sure)
Teal Platforms – Aldo Shoes
Basic Foldover Clutch – Catos
Great fashion minds always shop alike! I got this Liberty of London dress for $23 on clearance but my fellow Fashionista Lei Ann from Give Me Platforms Blog got her’s for $9. Now I know I should have put my receipt where I could find it and waited to alter this dress. Next time I won’t be so quick with the scissors.

This is a great dress but in my opinion, not a great maxi dress for someone as short as me! It was looking real moo-moo-ish on my small frame so I had to do some cutting ladies. I still have plans to continue to alter this dress by adding the extra fabric I cut off the hemline as a second ruffle on the top and then adding a teal piping to the bottom of the second ruffle.

Nevertheless, I wore it yesterday to work and will get to the final alterations some time next week (I hope). I will also be doing a future post about the national distribution of fashion and how you can personalize a mass produced item, like a shirt or a dress and make it your own.

Check out Lei Ann at “Give Me Platforms” she has a fierce shoe game!

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20 Responses to It’s all in the way y.o.u. wear it……

  1. Iris says:

    I love the teal accents, adding that into the dress will look great!

  2. Aussiegirl says:

    Love what you did with this dress, genius!

  3. Robin says:

    Love how you personalized the dress. You look great. Can’t wait to receive my shoes!

  4. gold says:

    Love what you did to the dress!

  5. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    thanks, everybody, thought about adding a ruffle to the hem with the extra fabric but then decided against it. I’ll just add a second ruffle to the top and sew a narrow teal ribbon to the end of the ruffle and the hemline to tie it together :-)

  6. I have that dress…and I don’t love it long…so off to the alterations lady I go!

  7. Sally says:

    The obi looks marvelous. Really adds polish to the outfit.

  8. Sing says:

    Perfect summer look. You know I’m a huge fan of obi belts, I can’t get enough. Looking forward to that post.

  9. Jody says:

    Love the idea of cutting off the maxi dress. I completely skipped that rack at Target since I hate how I look in a maxi dress. I’ll be rethinking that from now on.

  10. Kim Brown says:

    Sweet and pretty mommy! ( I got a latina vibe when I saw you Lol!)

  11. Gena says:

    This is such a pretty look on your I like the whole look from your hair style to those wonderful shoes! :-)

  12. delia says:

    I like your version better it’s not so hot long, but the way you did it looks so good! Love the shoes and the belt to.

  13. Marian says:

    you look gorgeous!! i love the bolts of colour that the accessories lend to the dress

  14. Londyn says:

    Love this dress both ways!! Your shoes (as always) are completely amazing.

  15. marian says:

    happy sunday honey! wishing you a gorgeous day

  16. Anusha says:

    Wow, I love how you transformed the dress! Also really like the obi belt with it … esp. because it gives the dress a certain edgy quality which is cool!

    Hey I pressed “publish” on one of your comments on my blog entries, but the entire comment has somehow disappeared! I’m so sorry. I’ve heard of Blogger “eating” comments like this before on other blogs, but this is the first time it’s happened to me. Grrr …

  17. Jasmine says:

    You look awesome in this the best thing you could have done was to make it shorter you’re were so right about length great job!

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You look fantastic, lady!

  19. deedee says:

    I like what you did with one dress as well now I really have to get off my butt dust my sewing machine off and get to work!

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