Am A Fashion Blogger: Vote for Me! Yeah Okay…

I got a strange email from this blogger that I don’t follow nor do I read her blog. I mean it isn’t anything personal, I don’t really visit any other style blogs on a regular basis outside of the ones listed in my blogroll.So I found it quite odd when this person emailed me and asked me to vote for them for the ‘next big blogger’ type contest. I was like “who the heck is this, I’m trying to get my taxes done over here”. Since I was unfamiliar with her style and am not a reader of her blog, why would I vote for this person?

Not only that I’ve come to realization that I really don’t think it’s healthy to promote a ‘spirit of competition’ over who should be deemed ‘most stylish’ blogger. Especially among very young bloggers, don’t they have enough pressure in the real world, why drag that foolishness on-line as well. I use to vote for people before I started thinking this thing through, now I don’t.   It just feels to high school and has the distinct smell of popularity contest. I’m just a little too old to be getting involved with stuff like that and quite frankly I think it’s stupid and counterproductive. I want to keep progressing with my blog interaction not regressing.

I have always believed the internet should be an open media or forum for anyone to express themselves creatively and not be judged (contest or otherwise) or categorized. When I first started interacting with other college students socially on the internet back in ’97-’98 it was so much fun and it was just a really grassroots geeky kind of thing with no commercial undertones in the background. Now you have to be careful what you get involved in on the web because so many commercial and retail companies are duping bloggers into participating in ‘who’s the best’ contest or any other gimmick they run through their company’s blog as a marketing angle to push a product or service or through other websites they have paid agreements with.

I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with direct business partnerships between commercial entities and bloggers if the product and services fit within the range of that blogger’s core readership. However, why run around the blogosphere ‘begging for votes’ and exerting energy to ultimately benefit someone or something else? Emailing everybody and their momma’s momma, just asking anybody for a vote, with a line, gimmick or sob story on their blog, facebook or twitter account to solicit votes.  I’ve even heard of someone offering a expensive handbag as a giveaway/trade for votes, I was like my goodness, is it that serious?    As I said previously, I don’t like the competition thing where you’re pegging your blogs against others to see who can get more shine. Everybody’s style and content SHOULD vary and those readers you appeal to will come, visit, read and enjoy. Everything else is gravy.

I also don’t feel like I have to be in constant competition mode or participating in things where I have to ‘beg for votes’ to progress with my blog. This is me, either you like my style or you don’t. I’m not going to do the ‘dog and pony’ show and give up exclusive rights to my images and my content thinking that a bigger sites is going to ‘blow me up’ or give me crazy exposure. IMO that can easily water down a quality site.  I know a person can quickly get caught-up in it all – this fashion blogging thing, but sometimes you have to do a self-check and get back to basics and remember what was great about blogging in the first place.  Keeping it simple and enjoying the art of blogging whether you have 3 visitors or 300,000. It can make the experience much more rewarding and certainly a lot more pleasant.

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18 Responses to Am A Fashion Blogger: Vote for Me! Yeah Okay…

  1. Emma Yamada says:

    This is So Well Written ! You are a very smart woman. I agree with you 110 % here. I think that contests take all of the fun out of blogging. I would also imagine that these people that enter these contests are stressed out too for no good reason. I HAD a friend who is a fellow blogger but all she cared about was numbers and not content, to her this blogging thing is a popularity contest. She is trying to be the next BIG Thing. I no longer follow her. I also noticed that due to her blogging attitude, she has over 100 followers but no one ever leaves comments. Hmm….Btw, I am going to definitely start blogging again. Your comments had a huge impact. Thanks so much.

  2. Sing says:

    Very well said and I agree with you. In some respects it is very highschool with the look at me and vote for me tones.

  3. Prissy says:

    OK!!! Amen…I totally agree with you.That’s just ridiculous !!! Blog cause its what you like to do , not for popularity

  4. lorena says:

    Very well said.
    Its like high school all over again.

  5. imfaburnot says:

    Clap! Clap! Clap! I couldn’t agree more. I’ve received a few emails from newby bloggers asking me how to get advertisers, free stuff, readers and more. I tell them time and time again – blog because you want to and because you enjoy it. All of that other stuff will fall into place if it is meant to be.

  6. Katy says:

    Amen, sista!

    On that note, I’m flattered to be on your blog roll!

    By the way, I’ve changed things up and am “Savvy in the City” versus “A Life Fulfilled” — I thought it better captured my niche. Stop by to check out the $100 CSN stores giveaway I’m doing to celebrate the move to the new domain. :)

    Katy –

  7. Natalie says:

    I agree, that’s pretty desperate. And you’d think if you have to beg for votes to be ‘the next biggest blogger’ or whatever, maybe it’s not you, you know? It’s probably someone who doesn’t have to ask people to vote for them.

    It’s taken me years to learn to stop comparing myself to others, why would I ever want to start doing that again?

  8. Toria says:

    Preach! Well said…I concur!

  9. TT says:

    Wonderfully said…. I only have three blog that I look at because I feel they are doing it because they love it you being one of them. Thanks for doing what you do!

  10. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    I’m not trying to play the martyr here, but if you don’t stand for pursues that are worthwhile, you’ll fall for….. (fill in the blank)

  11. A-C says:

    I agree. I take the same stance when bloggers leave comments and end with “check out my blog!” Its one thing to leave a link the first couple of times you leave a comment so that the site owner has a chance to see who you are, its another thing altogether to beg for attention, which is exactly what the email sounds like.

  12. those tricks says:

    hear hear!
    I totally agree.
    Not just with blogging, but everything.

  13. Eboni Ife' says:

    Well said, Diva! I was considering entering Refinery 29’s contest, and I haven’t yet for all the reasons you stated above, the no. 1 reason being that I just can’t see myself begging for votes at every turn. It’s just not me. Quite frankly, I don’t want to pour all my energy into something that I don’t thing is going to bare much fruit for my blog in the long term.

  14. I’m new to the whole blogging thing. To me, it’s a creative outlet and if I help a few people on the way, I’ll be more than just a lil excited. Most of the time I’m completely lost with what’s going on… “vote for me”… huh, what, where, is it election time? This posts made me laugh. I really like your writing style. Straight to the point and very fun to read :)

  15. Kim Brown says:

    You are so tackful, just another reason you my girl!

  16. Kara says:

    Great post and I couldn’t agree more. I blog because I enjoy it, not for any other reason. Just found your blog and I’m enjoying it very much.

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