Do You Feel Like Giving Up On Your Blog!

blog_giveup1I had to do another post about this, I did a post a few months back when Allie from “My Wardrobe Today” a long-time blogger was thinking about walking away from her blog because of her new family commitments and the fact that the blogsphere was getting overrun with fashion blogs. When Allie started blogging it was really nice, unexpected “kind of idea” to see someone blog in detail about their fashion and beauty purchases. Alley’s blog along with Stylediary and StyleBytes (both websites now defuncted) was really the first time I saw this kind of concept played out in a blog format.

As the popularity of this format grew to new heights with veterans like Rumi from Fashion Toast and Susie Bubble who were also headed in the same direction as Allie prior to starting their own blogs. Retailers, advertisers and fashion magazines took note. Print media was on the decline and blog-based sites were growing in readership, the worm started to turn. Making this style of blogging competitive. Now companies saw a huge potential and market in fashion bloggers and video blogger via youtube. I’m sure as time progressed they decreased the number of print ads in mags and newspapers and started “courting” fashion bloggers and vbloggers to advertise their products. We get it and we understand it. This new interest has taken some bloggers to new heights. I know quite a few of them when they started out (Rumi, Susie) did not anticipate the success that they would receive nor were they doing it for that reason. It was all very novel and very grassroots at the time (knowing of the two mentioned bloggers from my days).

However, it seems that now outfit/fashion bloggers right out the gate are entering into this arena with profit and business goals in mind. This, in my opinion, has lead to an overrun of quantity vs. quality. Yes, there are way too many people doing this type of blogging and it’s even worse on the “mommy blogging” side of the town, but that’s a whole other topic!

Some bloggers are going to all kinds of lengths to be the next big blogger with front row seats to fashion week and designer sending over free merchandise, but what does it all mean to the majority of women who can’t afford designer anything or have no desire to attend any fashion related events. What does it mean to a computer programmer, a teacher or a law student who just wants affordable and creative clothing ideas but really have no interest in the industry? There are blogs out here with content that meets their needs but they don’t receive the publicity or recognition they deserve; so women who are searching for this kind of content on the web may have a hard time finding it!

Many of the smaller, quality blogs are getting lost in the shuffle. Blogs like Allie’s and others who do have something real, fresh and honest to offer the women who visit their blogs are getting overlooked and somewhat frustrated as the blogsphere grows out-of-control. Quality blogs that showcased women of different sizes, ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds are being overlooked and lost in a sea of never ending fashion blogs, with a slew of blogs being created every single day!

It’s hard to standout at times and find or retain your audience — in a blogsphere where everybody and their mother is attempting their hand at fashion-related blogging not to mention the mess of other blogs with different topics already cluttering up cyberspace. It would make a new blogger with quality content just starting out and/or one who has been blogging for a few years just give-up as the blogging environment because oversaturated.

Some how each blogger has to find a way to hold on to their love or joy for blogging. It’s hard to feel that way at times, especially when you see others experiencing (what one could perceive as) more success then yourself. But, IMO you have to keep the whole thing in perspective and remember why you are blogging and what you enjoy and love about it. If you start looking at what the next blogger is doing, you lose your focus on providing quality content for the readers who visit you. Stay focused and enjoy what you do and don’t get distracted from your message and what you want to give to your readers. If you get frustrated, maybe re-evaluate your content and see if you need to go in another direction. But don’t let all the “noise” in the blogosphere discourage you or stop you from writing or displaying the content YOU have to offer. Stay positive!

Note:  I thought this website had some good tips for new bloggers.

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36 Responses to Do You Feel Like Giving Up On Your Blog!

  1. Sing says:

    After years of following others blogs and always loving fashion, I realized I could do a blog my way. I had to understand what my mission was, not to be like someone else, but to express my style and stick with it. As a more conservative dressed woman, I realized not a lot of people would take to my style and that’s fine. There are others who will appreciate it and that’s who I want to enjoy it.
    Above all, it is a way to express my many creative interests in one forum. I am a poet, fashionista, photographer, interior decorator and so much more and my blog reflects that. I can’t and won’t compete with anyone else, that’s too much like highschool and takes too much energy, time and money.
    I appreciate you writing this and I totally agree. The day I give up on my blog, is the day I no longer have anything to add that means something to ME.

  2. Eboni Ife says:

    Thanks, Lady! well put. I have seen a few posts by discouraged bloggers who I love, and I would sure hate to see them go because they are daily reads for me…they inspire me!

  3. V says:

    I want to quit my blog for exactly this reason and quite honestly it’s just not fun for me anymore. It’s fun for me to read blogs though! Great post!

  4. Pat says:

    Excellent post! I still think there is a dearth of fashion blogs for women like me – over 40, African American, and dress-loving. I spend a good part of my Google Reader time clicking on blogrolls trying to find new sources of inspiration. But what I keep finding are twenty and thirty somethings whose style is way too young for me overall, although I can glean some accessory inspiration. Your blog is one of my very favorites and I hope that YOU never give up on it!

  5. Lini says:

    Thank you so much for this post!! All fashion bloggers need the motivation to keep doing it, it was fun when we started, so lets keep the good times going and not get scared away from the NY Fashionistas with the obvious funds for personal photogs and splashy pages (I love visting them, don’t get me wrong, but who really has a personal photog to capture their “moment” as they walk down the street. Def not in my part of town. Happy blogging ladies

  6. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    I found this comments on this forum about good bloggers giving up.

    In the end, you just have to have the right motives for blogging, or it’ll be difficult to sustain.

    Could not have said it better myself!!

  7. Angie R says:

    I read/lurk on your blog regularly and I couldn’t agree with you more. Not only is there an oversaturation of fashion blogs but the bloggers are wearing identical outfits!?! Very unoriginal.

    Also, most fashion bloggers have sponsorships. I’m not knocking a hustle but I’m not impressed by a blogger outfitting and acessorizing themselves in free or “donated” items. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see blogs like yours; real women clothing themselves stylishly on their own dime. I hope you continue to stay around.

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ Angie – Thanks for that comment. I know it gets real sticky if you are accepting way too many promotional items and 80% of what you are rocking is freebies. Not good!

      Now, I understand if someone is accepting promotional items or advertising on their blog. Blogging is very time consuming and it’s a lot of work, but at least if you going to feature or promote a product make sure that it’s a item that your readers CAN AFFORD and would be interested in purchasing themselves or would consider a good deal. Also, it’s nice to offer your readers promo codes, so if they do decided to purchase something they are getting an extra discount to absord the tax or shipping cost. I have had companies approach me about promoting their items and if I thought it was too expensive I told them I couldn’t do it and you see how I shop!

      I think when your blog becomes overrun with advertising and very little unique content or you are pushing a $800 bag for a company…..that’s when its gets questionable because many consumers can not afford to spend $800 on a bag! I think it’s all about balance and how you handle the promotional items you receive. Accepting too many freebies put you in the realm of the youtubers who push beauty products at you all day long.

  8. The Seeker says:

    Thank you my dear for this post. You know I don’t believe in coincidences and being with doubts if I should continuing to blog, I found the signal.
    “Why have I started my blog?” that’s the question I’ve to answer myself, because I’ve been feeling actually “invisible” in blogland or should I say blog-fashion-land….
    Thank you again for this food for thought.
    Hope all is great with you, dear,

  9. Francesca says:

    I love this post. I know I am a fledgling writer, but I want to say that I am doing this for the love of it and as a creative outlet. If people want to read my posts, great, if not, oh well. I love the ” home made ” look, I don’t want to turn into one big advertisement…i love your blog, it is fun, fresh and happy…

  10. diya says:

    I agree that now there’s not only a relative explosion of fashion blogs (or more specifically, personal style blogs) but also a high “turnover rate” of them. I find myself constantly having to clean out blog links of abandoned/deleted blogs.

    However, apparently (according to Jennie of IFB) fashion blog is not even 1% of the total volume of blogs out there…so I think the fashion blogging world seems a LOT bigger when you’re involved in it…

    I had to finally STOP thinking about how some other blogger friend is “doing” or whatever and just blog for my creative escape’s sake, for my personal style’s sake. I don’t mind the editorial/streetstyle photoshoots… what bothers me is actually the constant update about “look at this new loubies I just bought”…and also the almost-nude shots (ie. just wearing chains and nothing else). The former bothers me because it seems like a self-affirmation of materialism; the latter bothers me because if I wanted aesthetically-pleasing-but-non-outfit-inspiring editorial-type photographs I can just look at some paper magazines.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, stylebytes (before she disappeared), and fashion toast way before fashion blogging was cool though… ;)

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ diya – I heard that. The woman over stylebyes walked away like 2 years ago, I guess she decided to channel her energies elsewhere. Rumi is very sweet and she was modeling vintage on mystylediary so I know she was a “vintage” model prior to going full-fledge into the industry and that was the field she obviously chose way before her blog blew-up. People talk crap about her all day long but she is one of the ones I remember doing this long before this style of blogging got oversaturated.

  11. diya says:

    Rumi sold vintage clothing at her fashiontoast ebay store and that’s why she started the blog in the first place (according to her initial post), to let people see how SHE interpreted the pieces in her store and add a personal touch to her store…. I still read fashiontoast although her style has changed a lot because she’s relatively down to earth and she has an awesome jewelry/shoe collection, whether or not I can ever hope to afford the same items….

    as for Stylebytes, I’ve heard at a couple bloggers’ meetings (someone was concerned and emailed her repeated to ask if she’s ok) that she abandoned it because when she returned from her stockholm trip, her husband had run off with stuff (including her pet pig?!??).

  12. simplychic says:

    interesting topic.

    i love the big name bloggers and i love the virtually no name bloggers and all those in between. it’s what makes this blog world go ’round. i’m definitely not blogging for freebies or notoriety. in fact, i didn’t even know abt the perks when i started to blog. however, if/when they come my way, i’m happy to oblige ;)

    it’s ironic that yesterday i was on the home page of bloglovin and i thought to myself where’s the diversity??? and i considered writing them for this reason and also because i think they should feature more up and coming bloggers. i understand it’s abt money (what isn’t) but the could definitely promote some bloggers other than the one’s everyone and their mother knows abt already.

  13. Emma Yamada says:

    I love this post. I feel like quitting my blog all the time, The reason that I haven’t is because I do have a few readers that care what I have to say and that is nice. I do agree that the fashion blogosphere is Really Saturated. I also feel at times that it is hard to keep up. As far as the BIG Bloggers that get tons of freebies and sponsors, It is sad but true to say that I Don’t follow them anymore. It isn’t realistic to me. I wont name any blogs but the two that I am thinking about, I used to Really love Reading Until they Got Huge. One blogger who recently became a Big Blogger used to be kind and answer style questions but now that she has all of these sponsors and expensive freebies, she is too good to answer any style questions. It is kind of frustrating, oh well. I will keep blogging but I wont take it too seriously. It is supposed to be a Fun Hobby.

  14. Emma Yamada says:

    Btw, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog : )

  15. Barb says:

    I just found your blog, I hope you don’t quit. I do understand completely, however. It’s the same no matter what you blog about…life, sports, photography, food, it doesn’t matter. And yeah, everybody is looking to be the next “million hits/month” sensation.

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ barb – thanks for your comment and yeah you are right, it doesn’t matter what you blog about everybody wants to be that one that stands above the rest.

  16. I totally relate to what you’re saying. The “quality” blogs out there seem to get overshadowed by the folks who are snapping the best pictures or wearing the most expensive threads.

    I had a disappointing experience last week and the thought of just giving up my blog ran through my mind but I quickly snapped back to reality. Although I see other bloggers landing book deals, in magazine spreads, etc, that has nothing to do with me. All I can focus on is what I’m doing and not play the comparison game.

  17. Hi Ms Budgetnista, Those words were so well put, I am a new blogger trying to get started, I mainly just want to show the ladies how you can look like a diva and have that unique look but still make it affordable, easy on the pocket, so I appreciate the words of encourage, this is giving me reason to share my ideas on fashion. I love fashion and I shop everywhere to find bargains, whether it be in the mall, online or in the Thrift/Goodwill stores, it doesn’t matter to me, I will buy different pieces and just put things together to make it look divanique. Well, anywho, thanks again for the words of encouragement.

  18. I love you! You already know this but you are all in my head! Thanks for everything!

  19. marian says:

    hello honey, good post. I like what you touched on. I think it is key to remember why one started blogging in the first place. I think one has to blog because they enjoy it, feel like they have some perspective that needs sharing. I think it is important to focus on that. As soon as it feels like a chore or a nuisance one needs to stop.

    Also i think sometimes if we go into it with pre-determined goals of where we want blogging to take us, it can be fraustrating if one does not get there or at the planned timeline. I think people need to try and remember that blogging is not about the extra frills, if they come along the way and they don’t undermine ones integrity and honesty, why not but if they don’t come along the way one needs to remember one started it for in the first place.

    Big kiss

  20. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ Living Fly on a Dime – I totally agree with you! Just be true to yourself and the content you choose to promote. You can’t set sidetracked by what the other person is doing, that’s valuable time wasted. If viewers like what you do — you’ll know it and they’ll become regular readers if they don’t…..they’ll move on and you will find other or new readership along the way.

    @ Marian – So true! Just let things flow is my motto.

  21. chicstylez says:

    I enjoy finding new fashion blogs daily! But I do feel like I’m lost in the bunch….Just 3 years ago it wasnt like this but my blog is my outlet and I can’t give up on that. :)

  22. Kim Brown says:

    Ultimately I agree with you. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. If you want to share and love fashion, do you…have fun….and what will be will be.

  23. Aidy says:

    Hi, I found your blog through Arlice Nichole’s “A Woman$ Worth” blog and found this post to be really motivational. Though I don’t have a fashion blog, my blog is sort of just sketch’s of my day to day, I too feel like just giving it up and setting it aside. There’s many factors that get in the way, such as work and school as well as seeing other blogs rise to better readership than others. My concern is that I see a lot of potential in my personal blog but no real direction.

    I like that you said, “maybe re-evaluate your content and see if you need to go in another direction.” I think bloggers feel that if we “change” our direction it’s a cop-out from what we originally intended to do with the blog in the first place, but you really put it within perspective that such a change is not a “bad thing”. I think I will take you up on that advice :) Thanks again for this motivational post!

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ aidy – the public as we all know is very fickled, it could be a number of reasons why your blog has not increased in readership. I know the more you interact with other bloggers and your readers the more likely you are to be found. If you author a blog and expect folks to find you without any kind of interact with similar blogs, you probably won’t increase your readership. You might want to consider that before you change directions. It’s that you got to give to get scenario. Check out that link at the bottom of this article that give advice for new bloggers. Wishes you the best! :-D

  24. China says:

    Did “Fashion du jour” delete here blog? After finding out about her blog through your site, I was beginning to love her blog. Is she gone forever?

  25. Kionon says:

    I blog when I feel like blogging. I don’t blog when I don’t feel like blogging. I already have a job, and I love it. I don’t need a second.

  26. Adjua says:

    The high end fashion blogs are all really nice, but I’m more partial to the every day fashionista. I like women who shop their closets, haunt thrift stores, TJ Maxx, Target, H&M, etc. I’m not sure I’ll ever own a pair of Louboutin’s or a McQueen frock, but that doesn’t mean I can’t flex my personal style economically. I’m not impressed by how many couture designers a blogger is wearing, but how creative they can be with their style. Give me those blogs…you can keep the rest.

    This was an excellent post, one of the many reasons why yours is one of my fave blogs. Kudos to you!

  27. Dina's Days says:

    I started a blog a year ago after reading and following blogs including yours and The Budget Babe. I find myself following fashion news related blogs the most (like BB) and sites like yours and a few other I can think of where fashion is realistic and affordable. Of course, there are a few sites I check on a occasion where the pieces are equally expensive as they are beautiful, but I do get a little tired of that because it really does nothing for me.

    Another thing I get tired of hearing, is bloggers apologizing for absence, breaks, or lack of inspiration. this is your website you can take a break as long as you want and not apologize for anything. If you’re not feeling inspired, don’t write. Some of my favorite bloggers quit blogging because they called it “a chore” I was so disappointed to hear that. Sure, it is a lot of work, but you don’t have to kill yourself doing it. It’s supposed to be fun.

  28. Kellie says:

    Great post, I being fairly new (a little more than a year old) have not found a large loyal audience but for me, my blog is an outlet. I enjoy it and hopefully will not abandon it but because it’s something I like doing. I do occasionally take a break from it. During those times, I put it on auto and allow it to post its own articles and products. It’s not the same as posting myself but at least it isn’t abandoned and allows me the opportunity to step away if I start to feel disgruntled without losing the few readers I have managed to get.

    Stalking designer sales and getting my designer goods for a steal is something I would do even if I weren’t blogging about it. While I would love to earn a great income at it, that’s not my primary purpose. I blog about it because its fun to share with others where they can find the sales on brand names.

    We all have a unique perspective and I hope that you never consider abandoning your blog because while I may not comment or visit as often as I once did, I still come over looking forward to the next fashion forward outfit you will have posted. :-)

  29. Kimmie says:

    I found this blog doing a search for “when you feel like giving up on blogging.” While I do not have a fashion related blog, I have read some very encouraging and inspiring words from the comments on here! I was feeling pretty frustrated prior to coming over here, and feeling that same old feeling of wanting to give up on blogging that I seem to get entangled with so often. And it’s funny how I just wrote an article about this on my blog a few hours ago. I had written the article after stumbling upon a few “very successful” looking blogs. I was quickly becoming discouraged at the fact that the only comments I receive is either from spam or 1 girl (whose blog is very popular)that continues to comment on my posts quite frequently.
    I wrote my post on this after having a surge of motivation and some great insight to “why” I blog in the first place. But then after several hours go by, and I return to my computer, it all seems to start back over again, and I begin questioning why I continue to do it.

    Anyway, thanks for such a great post! I truly gained some more beneficial insight to this problem.

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