Definitely Not a Shoe Snob….but

shoesI’m definitely not a shoe snob but I don’t want a closet full of PVC shoes either. A co-worker of mine asked me yesterday how many shoes I owned. I told her around 75 pairs (excluding boots and flats) and that I rotate them out so it’s never more then 70 to 75 pairs at one time. She told me that she owned 200 pairs of shoes. Now I’ve seen the type of shoes she wears and the majority of them are PVC brands like Anne Michelle, Delicious, Wild Diva, etc.

Though, there is nothing wrong with these brands because they are very affordable (most under $25), they do keep up with the latest trends and some are decent dupes of designer offerings. My personal issue with these brands most of the time is fabrication. That makes me reluctant to have a lot of these kind of shoes in my closet.

A few pair here and there is fine, no biggie.  I have like five pairs from F21 and they buy from shoe manufacturers like Qupid, Wild Diva, Anne Michelle, and  Michael Antonio and just stick their logo on it.

However, at some point I need to be able to resell my shoes. I have better luck if it’s a mid-priced brand (Nine West, Guess, Aldo) that most women are familiar with in terms of quality, sizing, etc. Plus, I have been able to find mid-priced shoes on sale or clearance at the same or a few dollars over the price of the PVC ones at stores like Ross for Less, the clearance rack at T.J. Maxx, Amazon, and some department stores as well. I’m all about saving money but if I can pick up a pair of Guess shoes for $28 dollars vs. a PVC shoe at $24, I mean that’s a no-brainer, go for the better made shoes for the extra $4 bucks. If you’re a good bargain shopper you can find these deals and you won’t have to resort to stocking your entire shoe rack with non-leather shoes.  Again, there is nothing wrong with buying PVC shoes, some of the manufacturers like Qupid are making better looking shoes and using better materials. I just think it’s a good idea to have a nice mix and selection of brands in different price points.

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26 Responses to Definitely Not a Shoe Snob….but

  1. missgeorgiastate says:

    I agree with your. If you like PVC…well that is a personal choice. PVC doesn’t let your feet breathe so then you get that stinky feet smell. In addition, most PVC shoes I have tried are not quite comfortable.I have very few PVC shoes. I’ll admit that I shop at payless or target every once and a while for shoes. Sometimes I can’t pass up cute shoes for cheap prices and especially if they are comfortable. I say only buy comfort. You can however, find great pricing on designer shoes at Bloomingdales and Macys if you catch a sale. Also, places like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are awesome. They have great clearance price shoes. The last place I check out are outlet stores. I love outlet shopping for shoes. They have great prices and especially if you catch a sale.

  2. i totally agree. I try apply that rule to my entire closet- shoes, handbags, jewelry, clothing. It’s amazing how many high-quality, well made things can be found a great bargains that are EQUAL to the price of the most cheaply made stuff with lesser quality materials.

  3. LOL! Wild pair! You putting homegirl on blast! I totally agree, people with 200 pairs of shoes but they are cheap just want to “say” that they are INTO shoes.

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ GFS – Hey lady I said “Wild Diva” not “Wild Pair”. Wild Pair is a old brand from the 80s and Bakers still produces shoes under that label and most of them are leather LOL

  4. Dina's Days says:

    I couldn’t agree more. For the LONGEST time, I was like your co-worker and bought those exact brands because like you said-they are cheap, trendy and have hundreds of styles available.

    Until my feet started to hurt to the point where I wouldn’t wear any of them. It’s not worth it. Some days, I’m at the office for 11 hours and I need stylish yet comfortable shoes that will last me more than 6 months.

    My favorite lately are Simply Vera from Kohl’s. They literally last FOREVER and are the most comfortable and affordable, not to mention classy as ever.

    Don’t get me wrong, every now and then I will buy an inexpensive pair of booties from Forever 21, knowing I bought them for 19.80 and they will probably last me 19.8 days!

  5. I totally agree with you! I’d rather have less shoes of good quality, then more shoes of bad. Not a shoe snob, just a smart shopper. ;)

  6. Sally says:

    I’m right there with you. I probably own three pairs of PVC shoes … and they’re fine, but overall I’d much rather go for leather, suede, and cloth. And not necessarily for resale value, but for looks and durability.

  7. Jan-nini says:

    I totally agree with this. Some PVC shoes just aren’t as comfortable and they don’t last as long. Granted I do have a PVC shoe that I love and lasted about 2 yrs. It’s on it’s last leg but I’m finding it difficult to get rid of it. With smart shopping and sheer patience, the higher quality shoe is just as afforadable as the PVC brands. So waht if it cost maybe $4 more, it’s worth it in in my opinion.

  8. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    Forever 21, knowing I bought them for 19.80 and they will probably last me 19.8 days!

    LOL – I have 3 pair from F21 that are actually real suede and I had those completed resoled and enforced at a Shoe Repair Shop.

  9. I’ve always preferred quality over quantity, for trendy shoes cheap is fine or if you want to bulk up on choices but I always love to see name brands in my closet as the money allows for :D

  10. Jamie says:

    I agree I’d rather get better quality shoes on the cheap then to spend money on cheap pleather shoes.

  11. Katy says:

    I’ve done my fair share of cheapo-made shoes but can honestly say that 85% of the time, I’ve been disappointed. You have some good points here about why to buy higher quality (and yes, you can find them at a better deals)!

  12. simplychic says:

    as an assistant shoe buyer, i concur ;) quality over quantity for sure!

  13. MsO says:

    @ SimplyChic and Budget Chic…where can a person like me find shoes that are leather in a size 12. I have been this size since the age of 14. I order most of my shoes from Dillards website and Nine West. I want to try other brands. Please help.

  14. sharon rose says:

    Hi there-a really good post, which does make financial and style sense!!

  15. LOL, I am not telling my husband that he has NO RIGHT to ridicule me for having about 40 pairs of shoes :) And I totally agree, mid range shoes like Guess, BCBG, etc. are just better quality and definately last longer.

  16. Ooops, I meant I am “now” telling hubby…

  17. haha this post makes me feel better about my own shoe collection! not giving numbers though…

  18. Rose @ fromsneakerstostilettos says:

    I totally agree about shoes and pants (jeans or dress pants) that mid-range gives you the best bang for you buck in the area of quality. I own around 60 pairs of shoes and have found many of them at Ross, TJ Maxx, or Marshals for a decent price. I tend to spend less on flats and trendy shoes because I know in a year or so I will want something different anyway.

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      I’m not anti-PVC but they need to look decent and many of them don’t. I only found four brands that do a decent job with putting their shoes together and that’s Dollhouse, Qupid, Pink Duchess and a brand name Rogue – and even those lower-end brands are hit and miss something. But they are the best out of the bunch.

      Some people however just don’t like to bargain shop or search for mid-brand shoes at cheaper prices so they just go to stores that sell PVC shoes and get them $10 to $20 dollars. However, I’m like you I rather get a pair of Nine West shoes for $40 or $50 then a PVC shoe for $20.

  19. Lisa says:

    I own around 60 pairs of shoes and have found many of them at Ross, TJ Maxx, or Marshals for a decent price.

  20. PrymeTyme says:

    Since I just found this blog I am a little late on the comments. But this article hit home as I have always told my nieces the same thing. I LOVE shoes but I only buy good quality on sale and I never buy anything full price. They tell me it is hard to find buys in sizes 10+, so they settle.

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      Well, I understand when you wear a size 10+. You really just got to make your move sometimes because popular and 10+ sizes go quick. Plus with some men wearing women’s shoes (this is popular in Atlanta and Cali), they make it harder for women who wear large size shoes.

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