Bumming it – Graphic Tee and Jeans

Hello ladies, hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to share these shoes I recently got off of Amazon.com.  I really like Jessica Simpson “Dany” 70’s platform shoe that came out about 2 years ago, I think; but after much thought I decided not to purchase them (especially since they were running around $100 bucks) because they were just too trendy.  I couldn’t see myself investing that kind of money in a pair of shoes I know I would be ready to phase out once the deluxe over-the-top platform trend was over (which has already happened).
I went into a shoe store here in my area and saw a dupe of her shoes by Breckelle.  They didn’t have my size so I ordered them off Amazon.  I got them for $21 with free shipping with my prime account.  I was more than satisfied paying that amount for a cute trendy shoe that I will probably get rid of next year.
I also have an update on my weight and diet regime.  As I mentioned in a previous post last year, I did a anti-fungal (no sugar) diet for a couple of months and then decided to revisit it again (permanently) this year. I have also gone gluten-free, grain-free and diary-free.  I was having digestive issues and I felt this kind of dietary change promotes better liver function and a better digestive system.  I know I feel like I have more energy since I have gone gluten free and I’m not waking up feeling sick to my stomach, like I was previous to the new diet change.  I will try to keep you guys updated on my progress and share any positive changes.  Have a great week ladies! 

 Graphic Tee – No boundaries   |    Cropped Pants – Old Navy   |   Platform Shoes – Breckelle   | Green Leather Satchel -Marc by Marc Jacobs

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3 Responses to Bumming it – Graphic Tee and Jeans

  1. laniza says:

    I’m glad to hear that the diet/lifestyle changes are going well. What are your favorite meals or recipes so far?

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      Laniza, I have a pretty bland diet right now. I have not started experiencing with gluten-free recipes yet. There’s a lot out there which is great. I’m just doing simple whole organic foods right now. I do however, plan on doing a black bean brownie, so I’ll let you know how that turns out!

  2. Jasmine says:

    Really cute outfit, I love the shoes, I might have to get those. ;-)

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