Paint Stained Jeans

I also told one my girlfriend at work about it who has a similar style and she managed to get herself a pair as well!  These jeans are awesome and they make this outfit pop along with this extra cute animal print bag I scored at the Goodwill for $3!  

 Peplum Top – Forever 21
 Paint Stained Jeans – Traffic Jean Wear
 Obi Belt – The Limited
 Black Fringe Booties – Adriana
 Furry Animal Print Bag – Goodwill
I so love looking for retro looking 80’s outfits. I grew up in the 80’s so it super fun to go back that era in terms of style. I wish I had kept some of the clothes I use to wear back in the day, I had some awesome pieces, but I did too much moving around and lost of lot of great stuff.

Now let me get into the outfit.  I was super hyped to find these paint stained jeans on clearance for $14 at a junior store.  Love, love, love it.  Reminds me a pair I had back in the 80’s.  I immediately thought retro throwback.  I had to have them.


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