Best Buy Black Friday – Never Again!

Oh yes, I was crazy enough to go out to Best Buy on Thanksgiving @ 6am in the morning! I was 10th in line. Won't be doing that again! Watch out for those aggressive old ladies wearing christmas sweaters, they are vicious!
First and last time I deal with these Black Friday electronic starkers! I was fortunate enough to get a 42 inch Sharp TV for $200 and a laptop for $300, after two people tried to sneak up in front of me; boyfriend took care of them!. When to Walmart and had a lady try to snatch sheets out of my hand and someone stepped all on my feet at the $1.96 DVD rack.  People just grabbing stuff and they don't even know what they got in their hands, acting like straight savages!  I had to move to the side and pray for minute because I was about to go in on some folks!
People will try and make you lose your religion over those Black Friday doorbusters!  OKAY!  Never again, this is it for me.


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8 Responses to Best Buy Black Friday – Never Again!

  1. 6am?? that’s HARDCORE man… great deal on the laptop and tv! My father in law attempted to do it, but gave up and ended up coming back home to eat Thanksgiving dinner, lol.

    • Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

      @ Si Si – It was brutal. Folks was showing their asses on line let me tell you and one guy was out there trying to get his parent a TV and some jerked took one too many tickets and had the nerve to sell the ticket to the guy for $20 bucks because he had to get back to work and he was trying to get this flat screen for his parents, no compassion, just straight greed! I plan on writing Best Buy and encouraging them to change their black friday procedures because there is definitely room for abuse.

  2. Sing says:

    This is why I can’t even deal with it, no matter how good the deals are. Folks will make you cut them for real.
    I’m glad you got some good deals though!

  3. Crazy! At least you got what you wanted out of it. Don’t blame you for not wanting to do it again. I sure as hell couldn’t!

  4. Chilel says:

    Hilarious! I know it is not funny but I could not stop laughing while reading your post. I hate crowds that is why I never go when they are huge sales or bargains. First of all you just grab at things that you probably never need and second people will push your buttons. That is why I have never been to a black friday and I will never. And lining up in the middle of the night for anything is not my thing as well

  5. melissa702 says:

    Yuck! People can be so greedy sometimes, that’s why I don’t do Black Friday!

  6. Jac says:

    I love your Blog…I’ve never been out shopping on Black Friday…and I’m over 40. LOL, about the little ladies wearing Christmas sweaters…who would have thought ?

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