Age-Appropriate Dressing?

Dressing age-appropriate.  I wonder sometimes, like what socially deprived person came up with these time-wasting, laughable set of bogus rules and standards. I believe each person fashion choices are based on their personality and lifestyle. I received a couple of comments from some of the ladies and; a few of them thought I was in my twenties or early thirties because of how I style my outfits and my selection in clothing.

The crazy thing is as I move into the fabulous forties w/ my virtual BFF – SJP, Halle Berry, Demi Moore and Courtney Cox (lol) my love for fashion and the things that “caught my eye” when I was in my twenties/thirties – has not changed. Perhaps I have tweaked things along the way, found out what works better for my body type, but I still love clothing that has a little bit of a “edge” to them. I still love  the extra detailing that makes that piece stand out. I still love belts and funky designer inspired shoes!  Those things have stayed consistent with me throughout the years.

Basically, I know what I want as soon as it catches my eye. I really don’t care if I find it at Forever21, DOTS, Sears, or in some department store’s Junior section. I know what I like and I know what I want, doesn’t matter to me what store is selling it or what department I find it in. If it’s within my budget, it appeals to me, the fit is good – it’s sold. Personally, I seem to have alot of luck with more edgier pieces in the Junior stores. It may not work for the next fortysomething, but I’m very short (5 ft.), small boned and I have a short waistline. So the cuts of Junior blazers and shirts work out better for me because of those factors; not to mention that the designs are more interesting, less generic looking and alot cheaper then the offering in the women’s department. Forever21 is one of my favorite stores and Junior lines XOXO and Rampage are great suiting options for me.

I hate to muscle in on the Junior store inventory, but I’m not greedy ladies, I only buy 1 or 2 pieces at a time and there is always plenty of stuff still left on the racks!

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22 Responses to Age-Appropriate Dressing?

  1. MissAmyShops says:

    And you know what? You look great! Your looks seem effortless. You know what you like & what looks good on you.

    I do think that some people try too hard & end up looking like they borrowed their daughter’s clothes though. I’m always just hoping I’m not one of them.

  2. Diya says:

    you always look amazing… and besides, shopping in the junior deptmt is a lot cheaper than shopping in misses in most department stores… by almost 50%. It would make sense that someone as frugal as you wouldn’t spend extra $ for blander clothing.

  3. K. says:

    Even though you shop in those stores, your outfits don’t scream Juniors or age inappropriate b/c you pick good pieces. I don’t think that any store should be off limits to anyone unless they lack style and buy crap, lol. You have to know what works for you (and you do!) b/c you can find great pieces in some of those stores.

    I found a great skirt in Dots a few weeks ago for like $20. It’s a pencil skirt but has a bit of stretch. I’m very hippy so this is the first time I’ve found a pencil skirt that fits great and I get tons of compliments when I wear it from men & women alike.

    Now I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of those stretch jeans w/ flowers and crap all over them or any of those sweaters that are shapeless and thin as the wind. Women who try to wear that stuff do indeed look silly.

  4. Milly says:

    i like your style…and nothing screams juniors-dept. about it.

  5. you always look amazing, who cares about age apporiate. I think people should wear what they are comfortable in and what fit their personality.

    l love shoping from juniors, sometimes girls and boys section ;-)

  6. tanyetta says:

    From day one until now, you’ve always SHOWCASED some excellent choices. You have that eye when it comes to finding a great deal of great quality. Keep on doing what you’re doing. The only rules you need to worry about are the rules you’re making for yourself. Brush your shoulders off and keep on moving ;)

    Question: The model in the first photo: Where did she get those shoes? Not that I can wear them but………WOW I likes, I likes ;)

  7. Corey says:

    I agree with you completely. I just wish I could shop more easily in the Junior section. I’m a bit too busty for that!

    I agree with the previous poster who said that it doesn’t matter where you shop when you have great style.

  8. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ tanyetta – that is my girl, Sarah Jessica Parker. I love her shoes as well. Below are two that are similar in style.

    Here are a pair of satin peep-toe bow-heel pumps for $69 dollars

    These are a of Close-Toe Satin Bow pumps for $60 dollars

  9. KT says:

    You always look great, and you always choose clothing that works for you. I think what happens is many women do not know how to dress according to their body type, and end up looking like a 30,40 or 50 something in tween bopper clothing. Let’s face it some clothes are made for ladies without a figure. Get a woman who has a full rack and a booty who tries to squeeze into that jersey dress from F21 and it appears she isn’t “dressing her age” when in actuality she just isn’t “dressing her figure”.

  10. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ KT – I totally agree.

    If you are a full-figured diva with a 36+ boobs, full hips and plenty of booty or you have a tentative to carry alot of weight in your mid-stomach section. You definitely want to stay away from Juniors! Whether you are 18 or 50!

    Because I have also seen some young women in their late teens that are completely in the full-figure category and they have not even hit their twenties yet because of their genetics ( height, mid to large bone structure and the way their body distributes the weight). Even though they are in the age-group to shop Juniors, most of the clothing is not cut to accommodate young women with healthy curves.

    If you are small in statue and frame, you have the option of shopping Juniors if you want, but if you’re not, its best to go to the better retailers such as Banana Republic, etc where the sizing and production is better.

  11. Corey says:

    I’m here to tell you that they don’t like the boobs over at Banana Republic much either. ;)

  12. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ corey – well, what in the world! Everybody can’t wear a 32 cup!

    You would think with all these folks having boob jobs nowaday, trying to come up to a 36 and above they would cut these top and jacket a little big more generous! Go figure!

  13. Angie R. says:

    Co-signing with Corey, BR definately hates on the busty!

    Unfortunately, I trek to the jr’s dept for accesories only. The clothing is off-limits to me. They’re not proportioned for tall, curvy girls.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, you dress like a million bucks!

  14. Lurker in the City says:

    Age appropriate nonsense is for people who don’t know how to dress. Those rules were created to keep the rest of us from being visually accosted by people who didn’t understand their own body types and what was becoming on them. I know a more mature woman (+68 years) who wears mini-skirts and looks great, because she chooses clothing that accentuates her figure and style.

    Too many people have stopped following the rules…LOL!

    fdairy let the haters hate…Your style rocks…

  15. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    @ Lurker in the city – thank you! You’re right on that one. I’ve actually had some nice comments about my dressing and some people thinking I was younger – I’m cool :-)

  16. right on! A woman should wear what makes her feel her best, not what some stiff people say the “rules” are. It’s 2008 and women can look hot at any age!

  17. tanyetta says:

    @Budget Chic–Thank you for the shoe links


    I have to co-sign with Elanarobinson on this part:

    ***It’s 2008 and women can look hot at any age!***

    Trademark that puppy right there ;)

  18. JoJami Tyler says:

    Looking Great on a budget is a true art, and it sounds like you are an artist! It is not easy to pull together a great , hip, age appropriate look from the Junior dept. or any dept. for that matter.
    One thing I wanted to bring to the discussion, is when we are over 40, you need to mix in some high quality with the budget things. Right now, the high end stores that Neimans and Nordrstoms are having AMAZING sales. If you really put the work in, and go through the racks, you can take your wardrobe class up a notch and not break the bank.

  19. Profile photo of Budget Chic Budget Chic says:

    Thanks ladies for the heads up. I was able to do this when the Dillard’s Clearance Center was open in my City. But, unfortunately they closed that particular center down.

  20. Linda says:

    I just discovered your blog a week ago and I love it. I too am over 40 and love your style. A person should dress any way they like. Period. Opinions are just that, nothing more.

  21. poetess says:

    I love the junior department blouses. They have a sexier cut that is flattering to a woman with a waist.

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