“Rinse. Recycle. Reimagine.” The Unilever Bathroom Recycling


Unilever is launching “Rinse.Recycle. Reimagine.” a new program in partnership with Keep America Beautiful and designed to educate people about recycling in their bathrooms. They want to inspire you to reimagine what empty bathroom products could become through recycling, and ultimately make a small change that holds big potential to positively impact our environment.
When it comes to bathroom recycling, there is a gap between knowledge and action.

  • While a majority of Americans are aware that their empty bath and beauty bottles are recyclable, less than half (34%) report always bringing empty bathroom items to the recycling bin. In comparison, 86% of Americans claim to always recycle in general, while 42% that they don’t recycle because they aren’t sure what items are recyclable.
  • Think that empty shampoo bottle is just a bottle? Think again. With just a rinse and a recycle, empty bath and beauty bottles can take on new life and return as hairbrushes, backpacks or even backyard play set. How cool is that!
  • The new Unilever Bathroom Recycling Index found that while a majority of Americans are aware that their empty bathroom bottles are recyclable, less than half report regularly bringing them to the bin. As a result, common bathroom products like shampoo, body wash and lotion bottles could be more likely to end up in landfills than their kitchen counterparts, contributing to the nearly 29 million tons of plastics sent to landfills each year!
Unilever can’t do this alone, and so the company has introduced the Unilever BrightFuture Program. Unilever’s purpose so to inspire Americans to take small actions that add up to a big difference – whether that’s wasting less, sharing more, turning off the tap, turning on community activism or, simply, recycling – because everyone has a role to play in creating a brighter future.
Spread the word by sharing a photo of your bathroom empties being recycled on Twitter and Instagram using #ReimagineThat. Add #Sweeps to your post to be entered for a chance to win recycled, reimagined prizes.
Visit BrightFuture.Unilever.us to learn how you can help bridge the gap in bathroom recycling
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The natural selfie


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Remembering Momma

Never forgetting.


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Paisley and Leopard Print


I love the new bcbg pumps I got at Ross (I did a separate post on them), but I’m thinking this dress might work better with a light brown or tan high heel sandal instead.


 Print Dress – Nouveau Pink
 Leopard Belt  – Thrifted
 Leather Pumps – BCBG Max Azria
 Quilted Satchel – Fiorelli

I can’t stop buying print dresses. I’ll be wearing plenty of them this season. I love this number because it was less than $20. I love the paisley pattern and length. Since it’s been warming up lately, I think it’s time to start breaking out my dresses. I feel like in past years, I’ve started too late in the season trying to wear my spring outfits.  I really want to get some good wear out of what I have as soon as I feel like the weather is breaking.  Now back to the outfit, I think the leopard print belt worked well and make the outfit more interesting. You guys know I love mixing prints.
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Motions Treat and Repair – Specialized for Color Treated Hair.

Motions® Hair Care has a new product line for color treated Hair. It’s their Treat and Repair haircare line. Motions® Color Care Sulfate Free Cleaner, Conditioner and Moisture Masque helps to repair and strengthen hair from root to tip. It’s infused with Amla, coconut oil & vitamin E.
motions01I recently got my hair professionally dye as an ombre effect. I went with a lighter color on the ends – a light auburn brown and keep the top section of my hair darker at the top (which is a natural black/super dark brown). Going lighter of course will add to additional dryness to your hair, so it’s absolutely crucial that you deep condition and moisturize as much as possible. Motions contact me and asked me to review their new hair care products for colored treated hair and of course I was willing and eager. I’m always looking for better products that can help retain moisture and better condition my color treated tresses without striping the color out with drying sulfates.

So I started out with the first product which is the Motions Treat & Repair Color Care Sulfate-Free Cleanser.   I wet my hair thoroughly with warm water and then added half a palm of Treat and Repair Color Care Sulfate Free Cleaner (Shampoo).  I noticed that it lather up better well despite the fact that I had 7 days of residue on my hair from styling products.  I rinse with lukewarm water again and apply a even smaller amount of the Treat & Repair Color Care Sulfate-Free Cleanser, I’d say about a little larger than a quarter size amount.  I worked the cleaner through my hair, did not apply to my scalp at all but just concentrated on my hair strands.  I did the final rinse with cold water.
After I did my final rinse with the cleaner, I applied  Motions Treat & Repair Color Care Conditioner.  I noticed right away that the conditioner was very thick, smooth and two-tone in color (yellow/white).  I was pleasantly surprised at how thick the conditioner was versus the Moisture Masque.    I applied a generous amount and work the conditioner into my strands by hand on wet hair and then detangling with a wide-tooth comb. The conditioner was thick enough to allow for some slip in detangling.  Once detangled I distributed the conditioner by gently brushing through my hair with a denman brush. I allowed the conditioner to sit on my hair for about 10 minutes and then I rinsed with warm water and then a final rinse with cold water.  motions03

I finished off my treatment with  Motions Treat & Repair Color Care Deep Moisture Masque.  The consistency of the masque was a little thinner than the conditioner but it felt, rich and went on smoothly. I saturated my strands with the condition then covered by hair with a plastic cap and went under a heating cap for about 25 minutes.  I did a quick rinse in lukewarm water, but did not rinse out all of the conditioner as I wanted it to act as leave-in for my Wash and Go.  When my hair finally dried it felt butter soft and fluffy.  The moisture masque has a light pleasant smell that does not linger which is great because I prefer an unscented, light clean smell to my hair.  I went outside in the daylight to make sure my color was looking good and not faded out and it was on-point.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  Motions® Color Care Line.  The cleaner did a great job removing residues and cleansing my hair without feeling stripped of moisture or fading out the color.  I was impressed with the consistency and thickness of the conditioner and felt it helped boost the final step of applying the moisture masque.  I was very pleased with the softness of my hair, the smell and the bounce-back my curls had.  What was most important of course was that it did not compromise the ‘tint’ of my color treated hair.  It didn’t look dull, faded or take on a more brasher tone after using the cleaner. 
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How to Save Money by Buying Tickets

How to Save Money by Buying Tickets from vividseats.com

We tend to indulge in a lot of work and forget about our social life. The only time we meet with friends and family is during Christmas and Easter holidays when we have saved up enough. After three days we are expected to go back to our offices. What if there is a way for you to enjoy more at a lower cost?

Save money by purchasing tickets at Vividseats.com through the following ways.
Buy In Bulk
Planning to attend a sporting event and want to save money? If yes, why not purchase many tickets and get one free. At vividseats.com, you can save paying for an extra ticket when you purchase many. If you are a group, you can always take advantage of the deals offered here. While others get a seat in the front row to watch soccer, you may dance in the background.
Buy Tickets On the Opening Day
So how does this work? There is this play ball game coming up in a month and you have scheduled to attend with your spouse or friend. The only problem is that you have money for 1 ticket and are confused on whether to buy or not. Well, at vivid seats, you can purchase one ticket during the opening day and get 10% off for your next order. You have just spent less for another ticket and what is amazing is that you get to seat on the front row.
Buying Tickets for Different Events
Vividseats.com understands and appreciates its customers through the fan 4 everything deals. You have an opportunity to buy 4 tickets for different events and in return given a $50 gift card. You get to enjoy live baseball, hockey and soccer at a much less cost. What’s more is that you will expand your network of friends as you will meet stars, comedians and prominent people from all over the World.
Discounts & Coupons
Vividseats.com launch discount programs on a regular basis. You could take advantage of their group discount offers and get 10% off. With your friends you can agree to team up and take advantage of discounts instead of buying single and expensive tickets. You can also search for some coupons online and there is a bunch we came across on this site.

There are actually ways in which you can save money by buying tickets online. All you need to do is be on the lookout of deals that ensure you do not break a bank to attend an event.
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Mixing Prints and Name Tag Necklace from ONecklace

 Jacket – Ross for Less
 Print Dress – NY&Co
 Leather Boots – Nine West
 Vintage Dooney & Bourke Bowler Bag
I’m wearing a maxi dress that I found via Value Village and I of course shorten the hem to hit right below my knees. It’s a cute strapless dress that winterized with a jacket and boots. Mixing print here, I think it came out okay since both pieces have toned down fall/neutral colors. I added a splash of color with a old vintage D&B I pulled out of my closet and decided to try and get some use out of.
 nametagGot this amazing custom carrie style name tag sterling silver necklace from Onecklace. Nice quality, light weight silver, you don’t even know you have it on.  I’ve gotten so many compliments on my necklace and had several co-workers purchase one for themselves as well.  They also offer this necklace in 24K gold or gold plating.  It’s available in different scripts and fonts. Love it!!  I haven’t taken it off since I got it.
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Understanding how coupons can save you money


When it comes to money, there is no surprise that people want a lot more of it. It is also no surprise that when people get it, or in their pursuit to make more of it, they make money mistakes that can cost them dearly. One of the main goals of life is to live comfortably and make enough money that you do not have anything to worry about. If you are too busy making constant money mistakes, you are certainly setting yourself up for failure and will have a harder life than if you would have not made those mistakes otherwise.
One way people make money mistakes is by not using coupons when they can. Coupons have been around for a long time and still people refuse to use them. They feel it is either not worth the hassle or they just do not understand how to use them. Coupons are purely there to garner interest in a product and will serve you better in the long run if you use them regularly. Why not start using coupons when you go grocery shopping or even just buying an electronic product? You will find yourself saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by doing so. The same goes for coupon codes you can easily find online. This kind of shopping is becoming very popular and online coupon codes are even easier to find and use with the help of saving services similar to Discountrue. Keep that in mind the next time you add something to a virtual shopping cart.
Another money mistakes people make is letting their spouse take care of all the finances. This is a huge no-no and anyone with a sense of money will tell you why. You should be the only one in charge of your money as you know the budget you have set forth for yourself and you know what you need to spend money on and what not to spend money on. When you let other people take control of your finances, you are giving them the power to use money in a way you may not want and vice-versa. Always take care of your own money and leave that type of control out of relationship.
There are certainly more money mistakes, such as letting your kids get away with spending your money or not getting the employee benefits you need, but they can all be avoided with a little common sense. If you are interested in the subject, you will find lots more examples of money mistakes and tips on on how to avoid them on Discountrue itself . There is no reason to be ignorant in this world and doing so will cause your life, and wallet, to suffer.
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Fashion Forward, Trendy Shopping

Zaful is an amazing on-line shop full of great fashionable designs for both men and women! With everything from clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories all the way to affordable formal wear. They are constantly searching for the very latest in popular fashion trends on the market to attract and satisfy the broad demand of our customer base. There is a huge range of products with different styles for you to choose and with free shipping world and a customer reward program.


I had fun checking out their online shop. It has a vast array of unique pieces which is very important to fashion conscious consumer. You wouldn’t want going to a café with about half of the people in there wearing the same design as you. Most fashion conscious shopper love one-of-a-kind pieces, pieces can be mixed and match with vintage items or can easily flow and mix with high / low priced outfits.

Zaful is the best supplier to retailers and boutiques online or entities shops all over the world, thanks to their affordable and low cost collection. They are all about redefining trends, design excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista. The original idea is to share the latest news and fashion trends on women’s clothing with fashion-forward women and men and offer the availability of fast fashion at a affordable price worldwide.
pic02They also have the coolest, trendiest statement tees, leggings and sweaters, plus beautiful bags and awesome boots and shoes to complete your fashion statement. Zaful is your one-stop online shop where you can find the most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel for today.
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Chic Tips for the Budget Lady

Even if your bank statement is just average, your wardrobe shouldn’t suffer. Today, we are guiding you with tips that can help the ‘chic’ in you compromise with the budget factor and choose some of the best, yet affordable clothing for your wardrobe.
Remodeled Your Clothes

Have a look at your clothing collection in your wardrobe. Some of them look cheap, while others look just average. Either way, you can remodel them into true classics by simply replacing those cheap plastic buttons with a studded set or something that’s flashy. With this trick, your investment will be nominal but the look of that ordinal dress or blazer will be more upscale.
Your bag’s interior is more important

Looking at a cool, amazing bag, we stress on the design, brand, and designer and so on. However, the interior is never on our mind. So, the next time you move out of your house to shop for bags, look at the interior too. Interior is important because you are carrying essentials, and you don’t want to lose it because the interior is made of some cheap fabric that cannot hold too many items at a time.
Invest in Faux Suede

We tend to invest our money in faux leather products, but that is not the need of the hour. Today, we need to look for faux suede products because they are better and can stay in shape for a longer period. You can buy them at Nordstrom.com and get amazing deals by using nordstrom promo codes: 75% off coupon 2015. So, think before you invest your savings in that little faux leather bag that looks so cute.
Steamer is quick and inexpensive

If you haven’t tried it, you should invest your savings in this little piece that can quickly remove wrinkles from your clothes. A steamer is inexpensive, and you can buy it on Nordstrom.com too. Look for matching promo codes and get the best deals on them.

Buy slips

Again, they are not inexpensive, but can prevent wardrobe malfunctions and keep you safe. So, if you are planning to attend an event, be sure that you are wearing a slip.
Buy it online and use promo codes for best deals.
Smart fabric choice

If you are short of cash, invest your savings in fabric that is not expensive, but looks expensive. For example, linen makes an impression even though it is not really expensive. Similarly, tweed and cotton do not fall in the expensive category, but look expensive. Invest your savings in these fabrics.
Don’t buy it till it is not a perfect fit for you. If needed, invest in a custom fit tailored dress. It may be expensive, but is perfect and makes an impression.

Concluding, these simple tips should help you live on a budget and, at the same time, have a wardrobe that is worth showing off to your friends and relatives.

Apart from this, what tips can my readers get from you? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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