Metal Plate Belt and a Peplum Top

When I first saw this trend (I think it been out about a year now) I got super excited, but the belts haven’t hit the consumer stores yet.  I waited patiently because I wanted to get it at a discount.  Finally the inspired versions started to hit stores like H&M, ASOS and Forever 21.  I don’t recall where I got this from but I know I paid less than $12 for it.  I actually have two one is a little slimmer than the one I’m wearing, which I got in NYC and the other one has metal studs.

I was trying to figure out how to wear this belt to work since I’ve had it for a few months now and haven’t worn it once. I decided to use it with a peplum top and these graphic pants I got from JCP.  I think it came out okay.

Short-Waisted Women: You can wear wide belts just make sure they are the same color as your top.


 Peplum Top – Forever 21
 Graphic Pants -JC Penney
 Nude Sandals -Target
 Metal Plate Belt – Junior Store
 Patent Leather Tote – Dooney & Bourke

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Sunday brings forth a Bohemian Dress

Weather is totally off the charts today, yesterday was 78 today is 83. I’m ready for the warm weather today and I got a jump start by rocking this boho dress / top I got at Buffalo Exchange for $10.

Me and my boyfriend are going to the museum so I figured I rocked this with this awesome hobo bag I got in New York last fall on Canal Street. It worked out perfectly, I think. Then I paired everything with these gladiator style booties, so I’m feeling kind of good about it.

I normally don’t wear anything this short but I say ‘fuck it’ I’m 50 and I’m going do a Samantha Jones from SATC Movie and say “I’m fucking fifty, and I will rock this dress, if I friggin feel like it”  I paid my dues so I’m gonna do what I want!  LOL!



 Boho Print Dress – Buffalo Exchange

 Hobo Bag  - Canal Street – NYC

 Gladiator Booties -Qupid


Here hoping all you ladies have a wonderful week. I will be posting throughout the week, so I can catch up.  It’s been a while and I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!



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SJP Shoe Line at Nordstrom

This is late, I know all you fashionistas are aware of SPJ’s new offering, but I figured I put my two cent in.

Sarah Jessica Parker is back!  This time the fashionable diva is pushing  a new shoe line, SJP at Nordstrom. Now I got mad love for SJP and I really appreciated her affordable fashion line Bitten and I hated that the line was discontinued when her retailer went out of business.  Sooo, I guess she wants to make sure she won’t be traveling down that road again because her new shoes line is housed at retail heavy weight – Nordstrom.  This is good stuff.    However the new line that launched in February has a new price point – $195 to $750 which includes shoes and handbags!

This is SJP rationale: “Shoes seemed like the most natural connection because of the role I played on a show for so long,” Parker says. “And I thought, ‘How could I ask someone else to spend their hard-earned dollars on something that I myself might not wear every day?’ I wanted a beautiful, well-made shoe that was still affordable, that would last forever in your closet.”  Okay, so she needed to give her shoes a designer price point in order to rock them? I’m not quite understanding.  Clearly I will have to wait for a markdown because I don’t open my wallet to purchase shoes until the price hits under $200.  

What I see I like, only downside for me personally is she made a choice to not produce any heels over 4.25 inches.  I guess that’s a good thing in a practical way because I really need to downgrade my heel height now that I’m pushing 50, but I want to try to get away with wearing 5 inch heels at least for another 2 years before I move on down to a 4 inch.  Still there is a lot of cute stuff here, what do you think ladies?



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Casual Camo Outfit

I know I haven’t done an outfit post in a while and I have been M.I.A.  I’m  going to try and get back into the groove, we’ll see how it goes.  I’ve been really busy in a full blown relationship and busy with work as well and it has been very difficult to get back into blogging.

I turned 50 this past December which is a milestone and so I feeling some kind of way about blogging.  I was okay with 40 but not so okay turning 50.  But it is what it is so I guess I just have to embrace it and try to be the best 50 year old I can be.  I’ve been going hard in Value Village and I have so many nice pieces that I want to share with you guy via my outfit posts, so I hope I can get back in the swing of things and start sharing outfit pics again.

The weather is starting to break so maybe that will motivate me to post more frequently, I hope so.  I miss you guys and I don’t know who is still blogging and who has move on and only posting via instagram.  It is not my intention to ever get on instagram so hopefully there are still some die hards out there checking blogs.  


Well, time and things change and we on move on with our lives, I just hope I can do that and continue to share myself  via this blog,  I won’t make any promises, I’ll just say I’m going to try my best!   Have a great week!! 


 Safari Jacket – Forever21
 Camo Skirt – Value Village
 Sequin Clutch  - The Limited
 Platform Booties – Fergie

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Make Moves in Sweaty Betty

Ladies, this is the time of year where well worn workout or yoga clothes may need a refresh. Since I’ve decided to take yoga and wellness classes this year, I know I need to update my sportswear with something more versatile that I can still look good in but does double-duty as workout gear as well.

Sweaty Betty to the rescue. I love quite a few of their offerings, many pieces can be used as casual wear also. You can throw on one of their long sleeve tops and wear it with a blazer and some jeans or rock one of their Reversible Yoga Leggings with a cute top and a pair of open-toe booties.

Sweaty Betty has got it right when it comes to women’s activewear, but the company is so much more than that. They are all about empowering women through fitness and do they ever! They offer very functionally chic, high quailty  activewear and sporting accessories that fits every physical activity: running to hiking, ski to beach, gym wear to tennis apparel, yoga to ballet, you name it! All designed with high quality fabrics to endure all types physical activity and still keep you comfortable.


My top pick is their compression sports bras made with breathability material and well constructed under breast support with a nice wide band underneath for additional comfort and support.  Their activewear is a bit pricey but the pieces will last for a long time due to the high quality of their fabrics and the well thought and executed construction.  In the long run it will worth the extra dollars up front.

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Wedding Photography as Art!

The tiny artworks that portray the history of your life.


Today, wedding photography is an industry and at the same time it is an absolutely beautiful art. I will never stop believing that creating lovely memories for couples who decided to be together for the rest of their lives is an art. A Fairmont Hotel wedding photographer that gets paid for his work, also is an artist. He transforms moments into tangible memories. This is pure art.

Creation in photography works hand in hand with the authenticity of life. You simply cannot make it all up, every photograph has the initial origin something that has really happened. Capturing the bride and the groom has been always exciting and there is something magical even about the regular couple photos. Not every job is about watching and freezing specific moments of people’s lives. Wedding photography is about freezing the love of two forever. It is an extremely needed art, because people don’t only want beautiful photographs of rings, cakes and floral bouquets, they are also feeling the emotion of the wedding over and over again. Feeling it all again just by looking at an image is so individual and so heartwarming. It is like watching your own movie, reading your own history of life.

Wedding photography like no other sphere has to deal with love and there is so much emotion in every single detail. It all has to be photographed, videotaped and remembered. There is effort, dedication and love. Photographs are bright memories that portray kisses, laughs and hugs. A mother’s tear of joy, a dad’s proud and at the same time sad look can become the subject of an art work, within seconds. The photographer just has to observe that special moment, pick the right angle, push the button and create an eternal moment.

The beautiful ceremony of love is that kind of event that incorporates just too many things, sometimes you feel like it’s just too intense. This intensity comes from the high feeling of love and the romantic atmosphere that rules the party. And it all can be seen in the wedding photographs. The photographs taken today are the memories you will own for the rest of your life. They are the tiny art works that portray the history of your life.

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Have Fun with Printed Leggings

tribal_leggingsWant to mix up your look and get away from boring jeans and cargo pants, well leggings are the way to go.  Super comfortable, flexible fabric and easy wear for all body types and sizes. Leggings have been one of the biggest fashion trends for the last two years and still going strong, I consider them a fashion stable.  They are just so versatile and fun to wear  which means you’re going to see them everywhere you look.

Leggings look amazing with a loose fitting top or a structure jacket because of their close fit. They work better with these types of top where palazzo pants looks better with more fitted tops because of the fuller hemline and fit.

Every season legging  designs get more creative with an array of patterns, prints and textures to choose from. Tribal, colorblock, faux leather cutout, bejeweled, geo prints and more… providing a  tons of options to chooses from to create a great casual day look or a sexy, fun evening look.flower_leggings Leggings can also transition from summer fun ware to unique tights in the fall and winter under a pair of corduroy shorts or a leather skirt.  

You can find awesome printed leggings at junior stores like Rue21 for under $20.00.  They can be paired with funky graphic tees for gals an oversized boyfriend shirt or jacket or fun colorblock blazer. The possibilities are endless and only limited my your fashion taste and styling imagination. Don’t be afraid to rock these, I owe at least three pairs!

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Runway inspiration for the alternative bride



dress3Winter is the best time for wedding plans. It gives you plenty of time to stay cosy under a blanket and browse countless of magazines in search of the perfect flowers, decorations and, of course, that special dress. Sure, there are plenty of brands for different budgets and tastes, but fluffy white dresses are everywhere around us, from banners to magazine covers and runway shows. And there’s no wedding season without Carolina Herrera’s bridal gowns gracing the pages of every magazine out there.

But what do you do if that’s not what you want from your ideal wedding? What can you find out there if you don’t want a pure fairy-tale wedding with a chariot and miles of tulle and lace?

Luckily, fashion designers display every year some of the most spectacular gowns from which you can draw inspiration for your alternative wedding dress. When I say alternative I don’t mean golden chains and metal studs, but a different approach to the classic style: a touch of colour, a different stitching, an asymmetric cut and a surprising fabric that will get the guests wondering.


  • 20s flapper style - Hollywood revived the whole 20s era with the spectacular outfits from The Great Gatsby and designers took the opportunity to show off their best interpretations of the style. Chanel’s Spring runway featured a gorgeous yet subtle dress with delicate fringes and discrete embroidery. And loosely fitted, in case corsets don’t really appeal to you. Marchesa offer a stylish sort of lacy crop top that looks much classier than it sounds and has just the right amount of transparency for a day wedding.
  • Love for Pastels - White is no longer the only acceptable choice, and it hasn’t been for a while now. If you want nothing more than a stylish touch of colour, Giambattista Valli has a beautiful white gown with a red rosy print complimented by an interesting play of volumes. If you’re looking for a new colour altogether, Elie Saab is the inspiration you’re looking for. Anyone who’s seen Blair’s notorious wedding dress will know what I’m talking about: feminine shapes and incredibly meticulous embroidery in a dozen shades of pastel colours.
  • Shorter than short - For the bride who loves to show off her long toned legs, there are knee-length dresses with gorgeous appliqué. Just because it’s short, it doesn’t have to be tacky or dull: get inspired by Dior’s cut-outs with tiny feathers or Elie Saab’s strikingly intricate beadwork.
  • Fancy pants - I doubt there are many brides out there who would consider getting married in a pair of trousers but Ralph & Russo have somehow managed to give us a taste of how that might look like. And I have to say I rather like it. Well-structured satin with subtle embroidery covers the white pants and makes it look like an actual dress.
  • Alternative embellishments - Maybe you’d like to keep a traditional style for the dress, and turn it fashionable by adding some accessories or other decorations. Besides the usual beads and pearls, designers suggest pretty capes (see Elie Saab or the charmingly simple Ralph & Russo gown), lace or even leather gloves, delicate metal belts (see Zuhair Murad’s golden leafs that seems to compliment the waist of the dress) or thematic prints (Valentino’s musical notes dress will fit you like a dream if you’re the creative type).

dress2The perfect dress looks different for each of us, but I’m sure there’s something for you out there on the Spring 2014 runways. These are just a few of the trendy details that would fit a wedding, albeit a less classic one.

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful creations and managed to draw some inspiration straight from the imagination of the world’s most romantic designers.

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Have fun with affordable body jewelry

BarbellsWhen it comes to body jewelry, if your a woman with a body piering or several piercing, its always fun to switch out your jewelry and display a new piece. If you are always looking for the latest styles and trends or just something cool and exciting to wear from time to time. There are so many optons to choose from gauge plugs, belly button rings, nose rings, tapers, nipple rings, belly bars or any one of our thousands of body jewelry items available from on-line body jewelry stores. You can always find the perfect piece of jewelry at a affordable prices and many vendor have promotional sales and free shipping.
When a girl wants to look flirty and sexy, body piercing jewelry is a great way to get noticed or make a statement. Affordable body jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes that you can change out to fit your mood, your outfit, or the season; from barbells to horseshoes, navel rings to nose rings, in an array of materials (stainless steel, Sterling silver, organics), their are a lot of different options and designs to choose from to match each person unique personality and fun factor!
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The Right Buying Season for the Smart Bride


This is the perfect time of year to start planning for all your special occasions for 2014, be it upcoming nuptials, prom or a special event. These occasions calls usually for a well select dress or gown. This is also the right season for finding great deals if you have to work within a budget. Choosing a on-line merchandise that offers a huge collection of dresses for weddings, receptions, graduation, cocktail parties, or even that elegant black dress for a special night out on the town is the first place to start.
If you’re planning a wedding and need to be to browse through a large array of Bridesmaid Dresses with different price-point, styles and colors. Selecting a website that sells everything from accessories such as Bridal Tiaras to traditional Wedding Veils along with every formal dress and gown imaginable can give a upcoming bride numerous options in terms of budget and a one-stop shopping experience.

Their are great promotions and special offers from on-line wedding vendors this time of year that can help a bride stretch her dollar and still create the most special day imaginable within her budget. The key is knowing when to take advantage of those special deals and the winter months are the best way to optimize your buying power on-line. Create the wedding you want without sacrificing the significance of the special moment.
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