On My Radar – 4/23/14

These are some of the items I’m thinking about getting.



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Longer, Fuller Hair in an Instant from Abhair

Save 15% OFF Longer, Fuller Hair in an Instant: AbHair Remi Human Hair Extensions Review

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Extensions seem about as common today as a cup of coffee in the morning! They are everywhere, and soooo many women are rocking them these days!

I think a lot of us are under the misconception that you have to pay big bucks and have them done at the salon, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many fabulous clip in extensions, tape-in, U-tip, and micro loop extensions available now, it makes it so easy to find an extension that works best for you and looks completely natural with your hair!

Hair extensions are a great way to give you longer, fuller hair, and extensions today are such great quality(100% human hair), no one will ever know! AbHair has such a great selection of all types of extensions, it makes it super easy to find the extensions that will work perfect for you!
They stayed put all day long and when the time came to take to remove them,just gently lifted the clip up and they would come right out.
Abhair.com extensions are clip-in you can easily wear every day! They are made to last about a year too, as long as you take good care of them, wash them regularly (3 times a week maximum), condition, and use a special extension wide tooth comb on them, and be gentle with them of course.

I think you will absolutely love AbHair Remi Extensions. They are so easy to us, and maintain, and look so natural and easily blend in with your own hair, both texture and color! If you would like to learn more about AbHair extensions, or pick up some extensions for yourself, shop them today at AbHair.com.

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The black and white dress

I did a little inspired number today for Easter Sunday.  I channeled my girl SJP.  She mixed two black and white prints and of course it works!  I didn’t have a black and white sweater so I had to go with the silver cardigan, this just reminded me I need a black and white polka dot or striped sweater in my wardrobe stat!  I stay away from white tops because of my body type, so I will have to get the sweater in the reverse color scheme.

I figured I go ahead and try and make this look work anyway, I didn’t have the sweater but I sure had the shoes! LOL.  I got the dress (which I absolutely love) from Value Village during one of their half off sales (cost $2.25) because I loved the vintage 50′s cut on this dress.

Short-Waisted Women: If you have broad shoulders and back due to a short torso, you can make this look work with a black cardigan with white stripes and a dress pattern like mine.


 Striped Dress – American Living via Value Village
 Silver Cardigan – NY&Co
 Pink Leather Pumps – Off Broadway Shoes
 Frame Purse – Isaac Mizrahi

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Sequin Sweatshirt and Deconstructed Jeans

I hope you guys are off for Good Friday! I’m real glad to have a day to myself where I can relax and do indulge in some frugal retail therapy – i.e. thrifting. I headed to my favorite store, value village and then to another thrift store called Clothings Mentor. My girlfriend found an amazing Melie Blanco clutch the other day, which I tried to buy off of her but she refused to sell it to me, so now I’m on my way there to see what treasures I can dig up for myself.

Actually the army jacket and flag sweatshirt were deals I got from Value Village when they have their monthly 50% off sale.  It usually the last Wednesday of the month.  Those sales have got my closet space bursting at the seams!  I’m going to taper off on the thrifting next month….but then garage sale season will start up; just trading one for the other.  LOL


 Sequin Flag Shirt – Forever 21

 Deconstructed Jeans – Macy’s

 Army Jacket – Value Village

 Gladiator Platforms -Chinese Laundry

 Leather Satchel – M. Clifford via Buffalo Exchange

Ladies enjoy your holiday weekend, if you do have today off, I hope you work in some good ole fashion R&R!
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Shopping Tips for Jeans

Look for the type of Jeans you want to purchase

Write down a list of the type of jeans you are looking for and where you want plan on wearing them. Do you near dark denim jeans for work, dressy casual jeans for Friday and more upscale dressy casual events? Do you need a comfortable pair of jeans for the weekend you can pair with flip-flops and a T-shirt? If you know what’re looking for, sales people will be able to better help you and you’ll be able to more easily rule out what works and doesn’t work.

Research Jeans On-line

Spend some time looking at different brands, fit and wash before you start shopping. Check out on-line reviews for womens jeans, look up the fabric that are being used. If you’re knowledgeable about the type of fit, cute, wash and label you’re interested in buying, you will be able to cut right to the chase and get the sales staff to help you by asking the right questions and but you’ll be better equipped to shop with a more discerning eye.

Try Before You Buy

Buying jeans on-line cuts out the leg work and shopping from store to store, but you need to be sure of what you’re getting. It’s always best to go into a store and try on a number of different styles, cuts, washes and fits. If you are familiar with the cut of a certain designer or brand and the quality (i.e. True Religion Brand Jeans) then you can shop with a little bit more confidence. However, if you are buying a certain brand for the first time its best to head to the brick and mortar instead of hitting the ‘Order Now’ button.

All in the Fabric

Lycra is our friend but as comfortable and yielding as this fabirc is – when jean has a bit of stretch, there’s a chance it will keep stretching as you move around through your day and could even start sagging.  So make sure you really move around in the dress room when you are buying jeans made with stretch fabric, especially skinny jeans!

Jeans that are made of 100% cotton will keep their shape and continue to give you a nice structured look but as the day progressing you might not have so much room after lunch or dinner in the tummy area, so getting a brand that looks and fit good all day (even after meals) is key.

Type of Jeans

There are many different types of jeans available, dark denim, ripped and deconstructed, faded and stonewashed, skinny, boot cut, flare leg, boyfriend, cropped, you name it, but the choices give us lot of outfit options so having a pair of each is great and expand your wardrobe for all occasions.


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We will never say good-bye!

I lost my mom six years ago today, doesn’t feel so long ago. She is deeply missed but now I try very hard to honor her memory and reminisce in all my wonderful memories of her today.

Lift your head to the sky, put your hands way up high, we will never say good-bye!

Remembering you Momma….

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Metal Plate Belt and a Peplum Top

When I first saw this trend (I think it been out about a year now) I got super excited, but the belts haven’t hit the consumer stores yet.  I waited patiently because I wanted to get it at a discount.  Finally the inspired versions started to hit stores like H&M, ASOS and Forever 21.  I don’t recall where I got this from but I know I paid less than $12 for it.  I actually have two one is a little slimmer than the one I’m wearing, which I got in NYC and the other one has metal studs.

I was trying to figure out how to wear this belt to work since I’ve had it for a few months now and haven’t worn it once. I decided to use it with a peplum top and these graphic pants I got from JCP.  I think it came out okay.

Short-Waisted Women: You can wear wide belts just make sure they are the same color as your top.


 Peplum Top – Forever 21
 Graphic Pants -JC Penney
 Nude Sandals -Target
 Metal Plate Belt – Junior Store
 Patent Leather Tote – Dooney & Bourke

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Sunday brings forth a Bohemian Dress

Weather is totally off the charts today, yesterday was 78 today is 83. I’m ready for the warm weather today and I got a jump start by rocking this boho dress / top I got at Buffalo Exchange for $10.

Me and my boyfriend are going to the museum so I figured I rocked this with this awesome hobo bag I got in New York last fall on Canal Street. It worked out perfectly, I think. Then I paired everything with these gladiator style booties, so I’m feeling kind of good about it.

I normally don’t wear anything this short but I say ‘fuck it’ I’m 50 and I’m going do a Samantha Jones from SATC Movie and say “I’m fucking fifty, and I will rock this dress, if I friggin feel like it”  I paid my dues so I’m gonna do what I want!  LOL!



 Boho Print Dress – Buffalo Exchange

 Hobo Bag  - Canal Street – NYC

 Gladiator Booties -Qupid


Here hoping all you ladies have a wonderful week. I will be posting throughout the week, so I can catch up.  It’s been a while and I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!



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SJP Shoe Line at Nordstrom

This is late, I know all you fashionistas are aware of SPJ’s new offering, but I figured I put my two cent in.

Sarah Jessica Parker is back!  This time the fashionable diva is pushing  a new shoe line, SJP at Nordstrom. Now I got mad love for SJP and I really appreciated her affordable fashion line Bitten and I hated that the line was discontinued when her retailer went out of business.  Sooo, I guess she wants to make sure she won’t be traveling down that road again because her new shoes line is housed at retail heavy weight – Nordstrom.  This is good stuff.    However the new line that launched in February has a new price point – $195 to $750 which includes shoes and handbags!

This is SJP rationale: “Shoes seemed like the most natural connection because of the role I played on a show for so long,” Parker says. “And I thought, ‘How could I ask someone else to spend their hard-earned dollars on something that I myself might not wear every day?’ I wanted a beautiful, well-made shoe that was still affordable, that would last forever in your closet.”  Okay, so she needed to give her shoes a designer price point in order to rock them? I’m not quite understanding.  Clearly I will have to wait for a markdown because I don’t open my wallet to purchase shoes until the price hits under $200.  

What I see I like, only downside for me personally is she made a choice to not produce any heels over 4.25 inches.  I guess that’s a good thing in a practical way because I really need to downgrade my heel height now that I’m pushing 50, but I want to try to get away with wearing 5 inch heels at least for another 2 years before I move on down to a 4 inch.  Still there is a lot of cute stuff here, what do you think ladies?



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Casual Camo Outfit

I know I haven’t done an outfit post in a while and I have been M.I.A.  I’m  going to try and get back into the groove, we’ll see how it goes.  I’ve been really busy in a full blown relationship and busy with work as well and it has been very difficult to get back into blogging.

I turned 50 this past December which is a milestone and so I feeling some kind of way about blogging.  I was okay with 40 but not so okay turning 50.  But it is what it is so I guess I just have to embrace it and try to be the best 50 year old I can be.  I’ve been going hard in Value Village and I have so many nice pieces that I want to share with you guy via my outfit posts, so I hope I can get back in the swing of things and start sharing outfit pics again.

The weather is starting to break so maybe that will motivate me to post more frequently, I hope so.  I miss you guys and I don’t know who is still blogging and who has move on and only posting via instagram.  It is not my intention to ever get on instagram so hopefully there are still some die hards out there checking blogs.  


Well, time and things change and we on move on with our lives, I just hope I can do that and continue to share myself  via this blog,  I won’t make any promises, I’ll just say I’m going to try my best!   Have a great week!! 


 Safari Jacket – Forever21
 Camo Skirt – Value Village
 Sequin Clutch  - The Limited
 Platform Booties – Fergie

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