Satin Pajama Pants as Fashion Statement

I like the way the outfit came out, kind of out there and quirky, which is what I was going for.  I plan to use these pajama pants again for another look.  Hope you guys have a awesome week! 

 Satin Wraparound Top – CATO
 Heart Pajama Pants – Press
 Colorblock Clutch – Buffalo Exchange
 Black Platform Sandals – ALDOs

I went into storage the other day and decided to pull out some of my old clothing and do a purge before winter and I found this super cute black and white heart satin pajama set I bought a while back.  I totally forgot I had it.  It comes with a satin pajama button-up shirt.  So I took a good look at it and decided to use the pant for an outfit.  Figured I might as well get mileage out of less worn pieces (even pajamas).

This was my outfit for date night last week.  I paired it with a fuchsia satin pink top I brought from CATOs many moons ago and a colorblock clutch I got at Buffalo Exchange last year.

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Platform vs Non-Platform Shoes

I decided to keep buying platform shoes.  I don’t care if non-platform shoes are the trend right now. I’m sticking with my platforms because my feet needs support when I’m wearing heels.

I don’t want to go back to wearing non-platform heels that really hurt my feet especially with me having some issues with one of my ankles (and I definitely have to stay away from from the no platform shoes with a wide toe area).  I was so happy when platforms made a comeback because I was able to wear a higher heel and not feel any impact pressure or stress on my feet, they were comfortable and I was able to rock them all day without any major problems, especially if there was a one inch platform in the front to level things out.

I can do a non-platform shoe if the heel is 3 inches or lower but above that I need a front platform to ease the incline and make wearing heels more bearable for me.  I was searching for an affordable inspired look to these amazing Guiseppe Zanotti gladiator sandals pictured below and I found the perfect look-for-less on Ebay.  The Guess Ormandi was the winner.  It had the platform and sturdy stacked heel that was missing from the Guiseppe’s and it gave me the same wrap-around inspired detail like the Guiseppe’s .  What was even better was I got them new  for $32 including shipping.  I think the Guess shoes came out like a year ago so hence why I got a good price.  Just looking at both shoes, you can see which ones would have your feet hurting within an hour.  The Guess Ormandi wins hands down, can’t wait to get them!


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On my radar


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Eiffel Tower Graphic Pencil Skirt – Mixing Prints

I also found this amazing white rubber purse, I thought this was so unique.  I got it at a Junior clothing store for $10!  




I popped my head into Steinmart (a store I seldomly go in) and found this amazing graphic pencil skirt. I fell in love instantly.  I starting thinking about what kind of top or blouse I had in my closet that would set this little baby off.  I knew I wanted to mix prints, it would be too boring to just add a plain basic colored top.Sure enough, I found this top I bought several years ago from Sears.  I loved it because it had a wonderful oriental feel to it and I love anything asian inspired, so I thought perfect!!  It’s also a great pairing for short waisted women.  Dark top and light colored skirt.  It balances out this particular body type if you are heavier on the top (broad shoulders and back, large breast) and narrow on the bottom (slim hips and long slim legs).  I also paired my black top with a black belt so there is some waist definition yet it still blends in with the top so you don’t notice my short waist as much. 

Should have worn white or nude shoes so there is no break in the color of my skirt to legs, I’ll do that the next time I wear this outfit.

 Eiffel Tower Pencil Skirt – Steinmart
 Oriental Top – Sears
 Black Satin Bow Pumps – DBDK
 White Rubber Handbag
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Popular Vintage Toys

It is likely that bobbleheads toys are the oldest forms of toys that are still popular in recent times. They started getting in news in the early 1800s and now after over 200 years they are still as popular as they were then! This is probably due to their uniqueness which can be attributed to two main factors -the shape of the toy in which the head is larger than the other parts of the body and the bobble movement that these toys make when they are tapped on their head.

bhead1Apart from the above two factors what is interesting to note about these bobbleheads toys is that you can find them in all kinds of categories. So if you want to buy these toys for kids then you can get hundreds of choices to make your selection from kids bobbleheads toys. Similarly, if you want to gift them to a pet lover then check out the pets bobbleheads toys category. Likewise, there is sports bobbleheads toys for sports lover, wedding bobbleheads for wedding occasion, fashion bobbleheads toys for fashion lovers and business and casual bobbleheads for professionals. If you are not happy with any of these then you can even order custom bobblehead toys and get it in the shape as you have in your mind.

bhead2There are lots of ways that you would be able to use bobbleheads toys. They are idle for serving the car dashboards with their charming and adorable looks and at the same time they can also be used as gifts. Due to the wide ranges of categories that they come in, they can please all the people from eight to eighty years. It would be good for you to know more about them before you buy them so that you can use this information to make the best deal out of the purchase. So, in this article we will talk more about them and let you know how can you find the best deals for bobbleheads toys. So let us get started with this subject without wasting any further time!

He process of ordering custom bobbleheads toys is done online and the instructions of customization is provided on email. Samples are provided by the vendors that have the modifications in the sample as per the instructions of the customer. When the customer gives the final approval after all the modifications are done and he is satisfied by the final sample, then those custom bobbleheads toys are given final shape.

If you would like to order bobbleheads toys then you can either select readymade bobbleheads toys or order custom bobbleheads toys as per the procedure explained above If you need to have clarifications on any other issues related to these toys then you can also contact us via phone or email. We will be happy t address your inquires and try our best o resolve them. We look forward for your inquires with interest. So what are you waiting for? Just give us a call at anytime!
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d.i.y. deconstructed / distressed jeans


I love these new calvin klein sandals I scored off poshmark, and thought they worked pretty good with this outfit  I’m about to get into the shoes in my next post. All the best ladies!




I know it’s been a minute since I did a outfit post, life is just getting in the way.  LOL. Actually working alot of hours on my job and that leave me very little time for anything else and also deeply in love so you know how that goes, relationship eating up all my spare time.  I will post here and there just to let folks know I’m still alive, if anybody cares out here in the blogsphere.  I know everybody has transported to Instagram but I’m just not interested in getting on board with IG.  Well the real topic of this post is my deconstructed jeans! 

I love the full cut-out knee look so I decided to do a d.i.y.   I found some Mossimo jeans at a thrift store for $0.99.  Yes, ladies $0.99!  I broke out the box cutter, bleach, my suede cleaning brush and some sandpaper and got to work!  I also checked out a few youtube videos and Voilà!  I think it came out pretty good.  Well, I actually made a mistake with the cutout I created on my thigh; so I decided to sew a white piece of lace inside behind the cutout and that fixed everything.

 Black Lace Shirt – Macy’s
 Deconstructed Jeans – d.i.y with thrift jeans
 Sandals – Calvin Klein via poshmark
 Handbag – Michael Kors
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Best Choice for Wedding & Bridesmaid Dresses at


It’s June and you’re engaged. You’re searching for the perfect wedding gown for your big day! It’s easier to look for a wedding dresses online then to drive to several different stores. It’s more convenient to find the bridal gown of your dreams and also look for dresses for your bridal party from your livingroom or home office then to drive from location to location. Well, what if you are on a budget? It can be very challenging to find a shop that caters to your budgetary needs. However that becomes a much easier and more efficent task when you purchase your gowns on-line. Most on-line shops such as the bride-to-be the ability to search by length, color, style options and of course by your price range.
Shopping from a bridal vendor on-line is also a great idea for the large selection that’s available not just for bridal gowns but for bridemaid dresses as well. Whether you’re loving for mid-length traditional bridemaid dresses or beautiful & long bridesmaid dresses. Shopping on line makes the process more efficient and certainly a lot less stressful. The best choice for wedding and bridesmaid dresses is at

Also remember to allow for enough time when ordering your purchase so you can inspect the dresses and arrange for alternation if necessary well before your wedding date. Happy shopping brides-to-be!
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“Rinse. Recycle. Reimagine.” The Unilever Bathroom Recycling


Unilever is launching “Rinse.Recycle. Reimagine.” a new program in partnership with Keep America Beautiful and designed to educate people about recycling in their bathrooms. They want to inspire you to reimagine what empty bathroom products could become through recycling, and ultimately make a small change that holds big potential to positively impact our environment.
When it comes to bathroom recycling, there is a gap between knowledge and action.

  • While a majority of Americans are aware that their empty bath and beauty bottles are recyclable, less than half (34%) report always bringing empty bathroom items to the recycling bin. In comparison, 86% of Americans claim to always recycle in general, while 42% that they don’t recycle because they aren’t sure what items are recyclable.
  • Think that empty shampoo bottle is just a bottle? Think again. With just a rinse and a recycle, empty bath and beauty bottles can take on new life and return as hairbrushes, backpacks or even backyard play set. How cool is that!
  • The new Unilever Bathroom Recycling Index found that while a majority of Americans are aware that their empty bathroom bottles are recyclable, less than half report regularly bringing them to the bin. As a result, common bathroom products like shampoo, body wash and lotion bottles could be more likely to end up in landfills than their kitchen counterparts, contributing to the nearly 29 million tons of plastics sent to landfills each year!
Unilever can’t do this alone, and so the company has introduced the Unilever BrightFuture Program. Unilever’s purpose so to inspire Americans to take small actions that add up to a big difference – whether that’s wasting less, sharing more, turning off the tap, turning on community activism or, simply, recycling – because everyone has a role to play in creating a brighter future.
Spread the word by sharing a photo of your bathroom empties being recycled on Twitter and Instagram using #ReimagineThat. Add #Sweeps to your post to be entered for a chance to win recycled, reimagined prizes.
Visit to learn how you can help bridge the gap in bathroom recycling
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The natural selfie


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Remembering Momma

Never forgetting.


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