Find Your Prom or Wedding Dress On-Line

dress9We all would like our wedding or prom night to be as amazing as it can possibly be. However, many people don’t have large budgets for those kind of expenses.  Though you may not be able to buy the most expensive wedding dress  or prom dress made with the most expensive fabric or detailing.

Faced with such a dilemma the next thing that comes to mind is “where do I buy an affordable dress without compromising on the quality”. If you are a keen shopper, chances are that you will come across affordable wedding dresses that also offer a good quality for an affordable price point.  Internet dress shops can offer a more affordable price and a larger selection than a brick and mortar shop.  There are also on-line guides that offer constructive information on where and how to shop for inexpensive wedding or prom dresses that offer quality for your special day.

Remember always ask for samples of the fabric, actual pictures of clients in their dresses and look for on-line reviews as well so you will feel comfortable with your purchase.dress10

Wedding and prom dresses come in all sorts of styles, color, fabrics and designs. It is one of the most important investments that you have to make in your life. And though it is a significant dress, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy the most expensive one.  You can still buy a nice looking dress without having to go overboard in your budget. You can find a good quality dress from an on-line dress shop that match the quality in bridal shops bearing hefty price tags. All you have to do is to be practical in your search and you’ll be able to dress up in style without having to break the bank.

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couponAll in all, the holidays are getting a lot more expensive, and while it’s the thought behind a gift that counts, saving money online still makes a lot of sense. What’s more, the Internet has allowed for a great deal of personalization when it comes to shopping preferences. So, whether you prefer inexpensive bulk brands, exclusive exotica, or offbeat items that serve as perfect hipster fodder, you’re going to want to save on shipping. There are, of course, a great many ways to cut back, but saving on shipping is a perennial favorite.

As such, here are a few tips to help you get free shipping when shopping online.

Amazon is, without a doubt, one of the most influential companies on the Internet today. To say that it offers a great many different products is, well, putting it mildly to say the least. Amazon Prime and Prime Shipping have offered a great way to get free shipping when shopping online. You have to register in order to get these deals, but the long-term savings are well worth the investment, especially if you’re likely to do a great deal of shopping on the site. Even better, these deals allow for faster shipping to top it off.

Faster shipping, cheaper shipping—really, what’s not to like?

Suppose you’re not in the mood to shop Amazon for some reason. That’s fair enough. After all, for as pervasive as Amazon is nowadays, there are still some things you just can’t buy on there, such as non-wine alcohol, pets, medicine, and so on.

If this is the case, you’ll want to find an online store that offers these products and, at the same time, search for memberships that allow you to get free shipping. Many memberships do indeed come with reduced or free shopping options, so you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out when browsing the web.

Online coupons are quick becoming one of the choice methods for saving money when shopping online—and that includes shipping. Sites such as Groupon, Krazy Koupon Lady, Passion for Saving, Retail Me Not, Coupon Ninja and many more offer a wide variety of coupons, with many of those helping customers cut costs on shipping. These sites often update with new deals daily, so if you’re really intent on getting free shipping online, be sure to check those sites frequently.

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Affordable Evening Gowns

dress1Every girl wants to shine on their every special events night! Maybe your are on the way to find the perfect prom dress just right for you. You don’t need to waste that time. You can find affordable and cheap evening gowns online.  It’s easier to look through hundred of choices by using search filters to narrow down what you really want.  You can search by color, size, style, neckline design, length and occasion.  It makes the process of finding your dream dress so much easier.  If you’re a plus size or petite, no need to stress, you also can find a dress that flatters your body type and yes, you can even request alternations on-line.

You’ll be able to find affordable  prom dresses, cocktail and special event dresses as well as short party dresses all for an reasonable price. Whether you need a unique dress or a beautiful formal dress for Prom or a formal party, a cocktail dress or a short party dress for Homecoming or graduation, or even an affordable bridesmaid dress and Mother of the Bride dress for your wedding, the selection on-line is huge.  You’ll have access to hundreds of dresses from misses, junior and plus size.

There are tons of special occasion dresses with eye-catching detailing, embroidery, beading and trim that make you the center of the attention. Also a wide arrange of fabrics, and hot trendy styles in tons of colors; from elegant silhouette to dramatic stylish party dresses.  Check out those on-line dress  shops and find the perfect dress at a price you can afford!



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Design your own wedding dress

Design your own wedding dress!

Ready to say yes to your very own custom made wedding dress?  You can have the dress of your dream at an affordable price.  It’s easy to fall in love with certain parts of a dress you really like and if only you could combine that hemline with that waist detail or the neckline in that fabric of lace, it would be your dream dress.  Well, it’s more than possible to design your own wedding dress.


Also if you fallen in love with a high end designer dress but its out of your budget, you have have something similar design especially for you.  You can have a professional team of designers, pattern-makers, tailors who specialize in designing bridal dresses .  Lunss is one on-line dress shop that offers the best quality fabrics, lace and embroidery detail, they take the time to offer color and fabric swatches so you can see and feel the fabric before making your selection.  They will answer all your questions, get all the details and transform your vision into a detail stretch of how your dream dress will look.

They offer high quality work at  a affordable price-point.   Dresses start at $199 to $1299, depending on the type of style you request.  Most custom-made dresses take 3 to 6 months to produce. They’ve streamlined their process, and can deliver your dress in about a month.  Check them out today, and get a percentage off your order for the Holidays.  See promo codes below.design_your_own


  • 10% off available on any orders with coupon: THANKS
  • 15% off available on orders over $299 with coupon: THANKS299
  • 20% off available on orders over $499 with coupon: THANKS499


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Knee High and Over the Knee Lace-Up Boot Trend – Under $100


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How to decorate your bedroom if you are a fashion lover

How to decorate your bedroom if you are a fashion lover

armchairWhat every woman deserves—and loves— is a perfect spot in the bed room where she can set up a stylish vanity space, and indulge in her fashion fantasies, free to experiment in the great art of female seduction and with the right accessories at hand; be it the perfect eyeliner, the best lipstick brand, or the beauty mirror. Women know how to look good in a mirror, and furniture forms an essential part of the make-up process.

The principal Components – The principal components for setting up the best vanity space in your bedroom comprise a comfortable chair, a desk or table with multiple drawers (with sufficient space to place your jewelry, make-up, hairbrush, and other personal items) and with appropriate lighting provided by a conveniently situated lamp, and a mirror— possibly a tri-fold for maximum angle view. As an alternative to a desk lamp, a mirror adorned with lights around the edges- or light fixtures placed on the wall- not only help to make the lighting more effective, but also save up space, leaving more room for cosmetics boxes and trays, perfumes, jars, and other personal items like framed photos, journals or flowers that can be left on the table surface.

StorageThe walls – For transforming the entire room into a woman’s dream, the walls can also be used for fashion space; hanging beads and jewel threads around the room is a good way to enhance the mood, and necklaces and colored scarves will also add to the ambience, along with other beautiful crafted and fashionable trinkets. Small-scale dress forms or half-body mannequins, placed on a stand near the vanity or near the mirror, can also be used to hang and display the various pairs of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Get some fashion wall decals Posters online. Check some here.

A comfortable chair – If you are looking for the best vanity space design selections, the rapidly growing style called Poliform is a great choice for fashion lovers. This trend has been an ever-expanding success in the design and fashion industry since its inception in 1970, maintaining a lead in contemporary fashion and best lifestyle lines by responding appropriately to fluctuations in trends throughout the decades. Poliform offers stylish design furniture choices such as drawers, pouf armchairs and tables that look great and even function beautifully for a fashion room or vanity space. Built for an international audience, its creative designs are made to suit any lifestyle and offer ample choices for diversification. With the support and direct collaboration of many world-renowned architects, whose names include Paolo Piva, Studio Kairos, Paola Navone, Roberto Barbieri, Marcel Wanders , Carlo Colombo , Roberto Lazzeroni and Vincent Van Duysen, among others, Poliform is able to anticipate trends and demand in the design and fashion world, adapting to the market and satisfying the needs of multiple demographics.

vanityroomOther accessories
The selection of furniture and items that Poliform offers to create a vanity bedroom made in true stylish fashion are of superior design, and include nightstands, bedside or coffee tables, chest drawers, lounge poufs, cabinets, beds, stools, sofas, armchairs and chairs of different sizes. The continuous evolution of their creative designs, intended to match market demand in various industries and fashion circles, makes Poliform one of the key choices for fashion lovers looking to complement their vanity space.

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How to Choose an Evening Gown

Many young girls nowadays will spend a great sum of cash on their particular stunning evening dresses, shoes as well as other accessories. But don’t assume all ladies will be that generous to spend that much on one dress. They understand the fact that dress is not the only thing matters. Whether they are cheap silver evening dresses of ihomecoming or an expensive one, the one who wears it is important. Anyway, it is of a big deal to spend some time on learning some basic skills to choose your own evening gowns. Today let’s start to see the top questions girls are looking for answers

  1. Where your evening party holds? Evening party themes might change with different seasons. In this kind of romantic summer season, it will probably be very intriguing and gorgeous to prepare outdoor parties for our guests. In that case, gorgeous beaded evening dresses will probably be very charming beneath the stars.
  2. What is most important when it comes to choose evening dresses?
    Surely you want to choose the most stunning dresses at your celebration parties. But it’s also necessary to select an elegant evening dress that keeps you comfortable and relaxed. Meanwhile It is important to choose the right color, pattern and fabric to suit the place, season and theme of the parties. For example, you should choose an appropriate length gown when you are attending a dance party. Besides, the selection of fabrics should be based on the party site and the season.
  3. Where to buy your affordable Evening gowns?
    With the development of online shopping, you are no longer confined in shopping in local stores. It is really convenient to buy your dress from online stores. Actually online stores like ihomecoming are offering more competitive products with affordable prices.

So you can weigh out where to buy. Check more great dresses here:

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Paul Mitchell Launches #GivingIsMyStyle Campaign

Giving back has been part of the Paul Mitchell DNA since the brand’s inception, whether taking stepspmitchell toward sustainability, helping families in need, supporting underserved children and/or empowering communities to lead a healthy lifestyle. Paul Mitchell believes in doing good for people and the planet. To initiate the launch of the new Paul Mitchell website, Paul Mitchell wants to join them in paying it forward.

Paul Mitchell fans can assist the brand my using social media to spread the word.   Use #GivingIsMyStyle to tell why they think it’s important to give back, and/or how they’re making a difference,  participants will claim a spot in the giving gallery on the Paul Mitchell website, and the brand will donate $1 to one of their charity partners (supported organizations include: Waterkeeper Alliance, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, ReforestAction, Grow Appalachia and Bright Pink).

Me personally, I think the six agencies above are a good place to start.  I think it’s a positive message and positive venture for Paul Mitchell to reach out  and assist these organizations in meeting their goals to help children have better more productive lives, provide for support for women battling cancer as well as those organizations that are working to protect our environment, our living planet which ultimately improves our lives.

How do you join this movement?  Well, just hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and Youtube.  Everyone who leaves a #GivingIsMyStyle message will have it added to the Giving Galleryon  You’ve got this and Paul Mitchell is excited that you’ve decided that #Givingismystyle

Follow the campaign with @PaulMitchellUS on Twitter and Instagram.

Paul Mitchell’s goal is to donate a total of $200,000, and with our help, they can make it happen!


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bored on the job selfie

don’t I look so happy to be at work!



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Vince Camuto Jemmy – Found!

I wanted these shoes soooo bad when they first came out (2012) but you just can’t buy everything you want, right.  So by the time I got my little coins together this shoe was sold out everywhere on-line.  I had to wait it out and see if someone listed their on Ebay.  I’ve been searching since then.  Finally!  someone posted a pair in my size on poshmark.  [Just a sidenote:  I love Ebay but they have fallen off big time!  They have fee themselves right out of the game.  Ebay is now a shell of what it use to be and paypal has jumped ship and gone independent.]  But, I digress, that is a whole another post entirely.

Well, I’m a huge Vince Camuto fan, I absolutely love his shoes, so I was so happy to find these.  They were $34.  I’m hoping to find the black pair as well but I’m going to wait to see how these fit me first.


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