Bumming it – Graphic Tee and Jeans

Hello ladies, hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to share these shoes I recently got off of Amazon.com.  I really like Jessica Simpson “Dany” 70′s platform shoe that came out about 2 years ago, I think; but after much thought I decided not to purchase them (especially since they were running around $100 bucks) because they were just too trendy.  I couldn’t see myself investing that kind of money in a pair of shoes I know I would be ready to phase out once the deluxe over-the-top platform trend was over (which has already happened).
I went into a shoe store here in my area and saw a dupe of her shoes by Breckelle.  They didn’t have my size so I ordered them off Amazon.  I got them for $21 with free shipping with my prime account.  I was more than satisfied paying that amount for a cute trendy shoe that I will probably get rid of next year.


I also have an update on my weight and diet regime.  As I mentioned in a previous post last year, I did a anti-fungal (no sugar) diet for a couple of months and then decided to revisit it again (permanently) this year. I have also gone gluten-free, grain-free and diary-free.  I was having digestive issues and I felt this kind of dietary change promotes better liver function and a better digestive system.  I know I feel like I have more energy since I have gone gluten free and I’m not waking up feeling sick to my stomach, like I was previous to the new diet change.  I will try to keep you guys updated on my progress and share any positive changes.  Have a great week ladies! 

 Graphic Tee - No boundaries

 Cropped Pants - Old Navy

 Platform Shoes - Breckelle


 Green Leather Satchel -Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Homecoming Dresses from Weddingshe


Homecoming Dresses from Weddingshe

Prom may be over this year but this is an excellent time to purchase a gown at a great price for your next graduate. Aside from that this site offers Free Worldwide Shipping. Choosing the perfect Homecoming Dresses can be quite time-consuming, but at weddingshe.com they have so much to choose from in a price range that will suit just about anyone’s budgetary constraints. They have affordable homecoming dresses in every color, shape and style one could possibly imagine.

There are tons of great options for Weddingshe homecoming dresses on-line. If you’re looking for a best selling prom dresses or a sexy fashion prom dresses to wear to the prom party, then just selecting the right dress is easy when you have great affordable options to choose from with on-line retailers. Weddinshe.com stocks hundreds of dresses for homecoming, parties, dances and weddings. Many are in stock and ready to ship quickly for that special party or event. Whether you want a sophisticated one-shoulder new arrival prom dresses or a cute fashion prom dresses in sizes from petite to plus, you will find they offer some of the best-selling prom dress available.


Weddingshe.com has pulled together a fabulous collection of the most colorful and unique prom dresses. Make sure you stand out by selecting one of their unique designs. There are style available from modern and asymmetrical to classic and vintage-inspired. Their are so many options in different fabrics and colors with luxe detailing, cut-out designs, grecian goddness looks, red carpet ready designer inspired gowns, one shoulder and lace, sequin and rhinestone embellished and so much more. There’s a homecoming gowns for all shape, sizes and personal taste.

Whether you’re on a budget or not, you’re sure to find a homecoming dress or gown that will totally knock you off your feet and give you the glamorous look you want on your special day!

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Using wonderful linens to transform a room!


I love using fabrics and linens. Both can transform a room and give you a whole new look for less. One of the easiest and least expensive details is table linen decorations such as table cloths, napkins and chair covers. Linens can easily upgrade a dining room and can also be used to create matching drapes and custom pillows. Using the best linens available (high tread count and luxury details) can give your dining room a very elegant feel without investing in new furniture. It’s about details!

Transforming a room with the use of linens like table cloths, chair pads and cover as well as table runners and drapes are a quick and budget friendly way to breathe life into any dining area or room.

A simple way to start is by changing the table cloth and replacing it with a beautiful pattern or luxury fabric linen such as jacquard or heavy weight organza. Pick a color you can match with the rest of the items in your dining area, lovely neutral and pastel colors like beige, antique white, stark white, tans and other neutral hues can complement a dining room with wallpaper or strong colors. Luxury prints in brilliant colors and fabrics work well for dining rooms with neutral colored walls. You also purchase additional table cloths and use them to replace the curtains for example to give your dining area an all around cohesive and tied together look. You can swag the cloth with tassels or install large grommets and run them through a fancy curtain rod with finale at the end, clearly the possibilities are endless in this regard. To add the finish touch to your table you can include a contrasting running on your table and also purchase napkins rings in all types of metals, woods, rhinestone, crystals or other types of fancy materials to pair with your matching napkins. Add a interesting new floral arrangement or other type of center piece and you have successfully transformed your room in a new and interesting showplace in a budget friendly way. Now ladies, close your eyes and picture the final results.

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Casual Africana Outfit

I absolutely love African prints (most ethnic prints really) for their beautiful vivid use of colors and the lovely abstract shapes used within their patterns. I was out on Saturday going to different yard sales and came across a woman who was selling clothing. The only thing that caught my eye was this african print blouse. The lady sold it to be for $1.00. Now, how crazy is that!
Clearly, she didn’t know she was in possession of a real gem. I snatched it up and kept it moving. I couldn’t wait to get home and match this up with several pieces that I knew would look great with it.   I rocked this outfit last night when me and my boyfriend went to check out some spoken word.  I decided to work a casual look with the parachute pants and throw in the African print sandals I bought a Aldo’s last year.  I should have done a print clutch but decided to keep it somewhat simple and not do the print mixing this time.  I finally found something to wear with these sandals since purchasing them last year.
I wanted this outfit to look cute but not overpowered with excessive prints so I decided to keep the pants and clutch in a solid color. I plan on doing more fun things with this amazing top, so look for more remix outfit posting.  Have a great week ladies!


 African Print Blouse – yard sale

 Parachute Pants - Old Navy

 Clutch - CATOs

 Platform Sandals -ALDOs



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Flea Market Finds

I love this flea market close to my home, it’s fun and you can find everything under the sun. It has seven to eight  airport hanger size areas packed with goodies. Everytime I go I get in trouble! I try not to bring more money that I’m willing to spend that day. I went looking for some earrings and come among these amazingly colorful south american wood earrings and a colorblock clutch. Everything was under $20.



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The White Cropped Pants



Black Jersey Top – Value Village
 White Cropped Pants – JCP.com
 Red Ankle-Straps – Guess
 Black Tote – Coach

I’m rocking a classic black and white outfit again. I had a pair of white cropped pants I brought like two years ago and I decided to try and get some use out of them. I don’t know why I don’t like wearing white pants. White is so high maintenance and if I get a stain on them and it didn’t come out in the wash, I would have to toss them. Also, because of my body type and weight I really try and stay away from white.

White eyelet and delicate crocket white pieces will be one of the trends this summer that I may try and pull off because I love that kind of fabric, but normally I don’t wear white tops.

Short-Waisted Women: If you have broad shoulders and back due to a short torso – wearing darker colors or pattern on the top and lighter colors on the bottoms can add balance to our specific issues.


Also, wanted to tell you guys I got a sponsor from SmileBrilliant.com. They sent me a teeth whitening kit to try out and I’m very, very excited about it. I’ve been wanting to whiten my teeth for a while now since I have tons of tea stains. I requested this service through my dentist but they were expensive. I’ve seen several professional teeth whitening packages in different places around town and wanted to try one so I was happy when this opportunity presented itself.

I will use the kit over the next 4 weeks (after my custom impressions comes back from their facility) and I will be doing a before and after post to show you guys the results and whether I recommend this particular whitening company. In the meantime, if your interested in finding out more about SmileBrilliant.com they’re having a giveaway contest you can enter. Hope everyone is having a good week.

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One Geoprint Dress Please

I brought this dress on-line from JCP.com in 2012 I believe.  I worn it out to a jazz lounge and I got tons of compliments and I remember at least 3 women asking me where I got my dress.

This is one of my favorite pieces, I’ll be wearing this again for date night this evening.  Same type of venue.  I decided to use my d.i.y. zebra print clutch I made a few years ago (still getting good use out of it) and some yellow peep toe heels I got at Aldos.  I’ve been trying very hard to wear what I have it my closet and to refrain from buying all new stuff.  I still thrift from time to time but I have been pulling back on the department store purchases.

I would a geoprint pencil skirt and two more dresses but I’m on a 30 day shopping ban and only shopping my closet for the next 3 weeks.  Wish me luck, I hope I can make it.

 Dress - Worthington – JCP
 Zebra Clutch – d.i.y by me
 Yellow Leather Pumps - Aldos

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On My Radar – 4/23/14

These are some of the items I’m thinking about getting.



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Coloured Abaya – Modest Fashion


Abaya is beautiful floor-length or mid calf length gown / maxi / robe. Some are open in front, some are sewn shut, some have zippers or buttons on the torso. Some are hand embellished with beautiful detailed embroidery or rhinestones and other are offered in a array of brilliant colors with ruching, pleats and other creative draping techniques.

Many of these garment come in different types of fabric to suit various seasons. If you have a desire to wear a modest coverup – Abayas can be quite functional and comfortable, you can wear the dressier version or the everyday Abayas with a pair of legging and a tank top or tee underneath or if you choose to be fully covered a light weight long sleeve top will work as well.

To see more of these fashions, visit mode-sty.com
. They’re offering free international/worldwide shipping. Use code “ColouredAbaya”.

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The black and white dress

I did a little inspired number today for Easter Sunday.  I channeled my girl SJP.  She mixed two black and white prints and of course it works!  I didn’t have a black and white sweater so I had to go with the silver cardigan, this just reminded me I need a black and white polka dot or striped sweater in my wardrobe stat!  I stay away from white tops because of my body type, so I will have to get the sweater in the reverse color scheme.

I figured I go ahead and try and make this look work anyway, I didn’t have the sweater but I sure had the shoes! LOL.  I got the dress (which I absolutely love) from Value Village during one of their half off sales (cost $2.25) because I loved the vintage 50′s cut on this dress.

Short-Waisted Women: If you have broad shoulders and back due to a short torso, you can make this look work with a black cardigan with white stripes and a dress pattern like mine.


 Striped Dress – American Living via Value Village
 Silver Cardigan – NY&Co
 Pink Leather Pumps – Off Broadway Shoes
 Frame Purse – Isaac Mizrahi

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