Chic Tips for the Budget Lady

Even if your bank statement is just average, your wardrobe shouldn’t suffer. Today, we are guiding you with tips that can help the ‘chic’ in you compromise with the budget factor and choose some of the best, yet affordable clothing for your wardrobe.
Remodeled Your Clothes

Have a look at your clothing collection in your wardrobe. Some of them look cheap, while others look just average. Either way, you can remodel them into true classics by simply replacing those cheap plastic buttons with a studded set or something that’s flashy. With this trick, your investment will be nominal but the look of that ordinal dress or blazer will be more upscale.
Your bag’s interior is more important

Looking at a cool, amazing bag, we stress on the design, brand, and designer and so on. However, the interior is never on our mind. So, the next time you move out of your house to shop for bags, look at the interior too. Interior is important because you are carrying essentials, and you don’t want to lose it because the interior is made of some cheap fabric that cannot hold too many items at a time.
Invest in Faux Suede

We tend to invest our money in faux leather products, but that is not the need of the hour. Today, we need to look for faux suede products because they are better and can stay in shape for a longer period. You can buy them at and get amazing deals by using nordstrom promo codes: 75% off coupon 2015. So, think before you invest your savings in that little faux leather bag that looks so cute.
Steamer is quick and inexpensive

If you haven’t tried it, you should invest your savings in this little piece that can quickly remove wrinkles from your clothes. A steamer is inexpensive, and you can buy it on too. Look for matching promo codes and get the best deals on them.

Buy slips

Again, they are not inexpensive, but can prevent wardrobe malfunctions and keep you safe. So, if you are planning to attend an event, be sure that you are wearing a slip.
Buy it online and use promo codes for best deals.
Smart fabric choice

If you are short of cash, invest your savings in fabric that is not expensive, but looks expensive. For example, linen makes an impression even though it is not really expensive. Similarly, tweed and cotton do not fall in the expensive category, but look expensive. Invest your savings in these fabrics.
Don’t buy it till it is not a perfect fit for you. If needed, invest in a custom fit tailored dress. It may be expensive, but is perfect and makes an impression.

Concluding, these simple tips should help you live on a budget and, at the same time, have a wardrobe that is worth showing off to your friends and relatives.

Apart from this, what tips can my readers get from you? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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Floral Print Dress and Motorcycle Boots

 Print Dress – Ross for Less
 Leather Belt – Michael Kors
 Leather Studded Motorcycle Boots – Steve Madden
 Legacy Ltd Edition Satchel  – Coach
I hope everybody had a great weekend. I took a break last week, took off friday and when out of town. I had an opportunity to check out The Soul Kindred Family and they were amazing! I included pictures below.
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Minnie and Sequin

 Minne Sweatshirt
 Dark Pink Skirt – NY&Co
 Black Booties – Speed Limit 98
 Black Satin & Rhinestone Tote – Coach
 Sequin Beret –  Target
This is my first outfit post for the year, just wanted to throw this out here.  I’m still rocking the Mickey and the Minne.  This is my outfit (maybe) for  Kindred The Family Soul show I’m going to this Saturday.  I thought I’d do something fun and whimsical but the weather is going to be hella cold, so this outfit may change.  I’m looking forward to show I haven’t seen this group before so hopefully it will be on-point.
I will be posting a few more outfits next week some time.  I hope everybody has an awesome, safe and warm weekend.
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The Grace Kelly Muse

To define the rise of the Hermes Kelly bag we must start by saying that Grace Kelly was its muse. This precious Hollywood princess made the bag so famous because she used it to hide her „baby bump”. This is how the Hermes Kelly bag became the target of all photographers who wanted to have a proof that Grace Kelly was a soon to be mom.

bagIndeed, Grace Kelly was the flame that lighted up our passion, but the Hermes Kelly bag has a rich history as well. The most important thing is that Hermes does not use assembly lines for its purses. One artisan will craft one bag at a time. He will hand stitch each Kelly bag until it reaches absolute perfection. This usually takes about 18 to 24 hours as the product is made from rare materials and precious metals. The Hermes Kelly Bag was launched in the 1930s and the company’s strategy was to make it popular through high-profile clientele. This is not a singular case with Hermes. The Constance shoulder bag with large H clasp, double strap and trim was promoted by Jacqueline Bouvier Onassis, who has worn it extensively. The waiting list for the Hermes Kelly bag is of one year or more and this is because it was the preferred purse of Grace Kelly and it takes so much craftsmanship, time and expensive materials to make one. Considering all these factors, its success was inevitable
At first, the Hermes Kelly bag was just another large size Hermes bag, but after 1956 when Grace Kelly who had become the new Princess of Monaco, carried it around to hide her baby bump from the prying eyes of paparazzi, everyone started associating the bag with the Princess. This is why the purse was renamed by the public: the Kelly bag.
Of course, popularity has its downsides. Everyone wanted to own a Hermes Kelly, but this bag was so expensive and so hard to get that replica manufacturers couldn’t resist not cloning it. Soon, the market of fake merchandise was blooming with countless different designs of the luxurious Kelly bag. The problem was that with time these were more and more authentic looking. Of course, no matter how accurate the design is, no Hermes replica will have the same rare materials and the same craftsmanship.
Nowadays, the Hermes Kelly is a priceless item for any woman who adores style and luxury. It is more expensive and more difficult to get than ever. The waiting list is unbelievably long, but it is definitely worth it. The beauty and the exquisite feel that a Hermes Kelly bag has is truly unique and this is why numerous modern celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Uma Thurman, Catherina Zeta-Jones, Victoria Beckam and Kim Kardashian do not miss a chance to show off theirs.
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Interesting and fun facts that define beautiful timepieces

watchWatches are very beautiful accessories that have a very long and interesting history. It is not their history what concerns us most, but all the interesting and fun facts that define modern timepieces as the most stylish and sophisticated pieces of jewelry. Continue reading and find out what are all the wonderful particularities that make us madly tick every time our eyes discover a beautiful designer watch.
  1. It was around 1500 BC when Egyptians created the first time telling device. This was called “sundial”. Its principles are quite easy. It measures time by deciphering the shadow that falls on its surface at different times of the day. Later, water clocks were invented and these were able to tell time with more accuracy.
  2. Watches as we know them today were crafted during Tudor times, in the 16th century. The inconvenient was that those watches were very large and people wore them around their necks. A portrait of King Henry VIII pictures the most famous pocket watch in history.
  3. Soon watches became very popular and famous watchmakers such as Abraham Louis Breguet started creating more accurate and innovative timepieces. The first Breguet shop was opened in 1775 in Paris.
  4. Until the World War One men wore pocket watches on chains and women wore wrist watches. But after this important moment in history, everything changed. Soldiers needed a solution for checking their watches without using their hands and so they started wearing watches on their wrists.
  5. In 1904, the French watchmaker Louis Cartier was asked by his aviator friend Alberton Santos-Dumont to create a watch for him. It was then when Cartier designed the first “Santos” watch.
  6. In 1981, a Rolex watch was about $900 but in the following ten years the price increased to $2350 without having any aesthetic, functional or quality changes. This was about the time the first fake watches equipped with an automatic movement appeared on the market. Talk about cause and effect!
  7. Omega Speedmaster is famous for being worn by NASA astronauts on their missions to the Moon. For the first craft meeting of Apollo and Soyuz, both Russian and American astronauts wore Omega Speedmaster watches.
  8. Celebrities love to show off designer watches in the movies they play. Daniel Craig as James Bond wears an Omega watch, Matt Damon in Bourne Ultimatum wears a Tag Geuer and Sean Connery in James Bond wears a Rolex Submariner.
  9. Black is considered a unisex color on watches and it is incredibly popular. 80% of those who own watches have at least one black model in their collection.
  10. In most store displays or watches catalogues you will see the product displaying “Happy Time”. This means ten minutes past ten o’clock or ten minutes to two o’clock. It is called “Happy Time” because the hands on the dial picture something similar to a smiley face. This influences your subconscious by making you feel optimistic about buying a particular watch.
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Time to Downgrade my Heels

Well I think the time has finally arrived, when I have to downgrade my heel height.  A few months ago I slipped in a restaurant and twisted my ankle and ever since that incident I’ve been dealing with occasion swelling and pain.  I went to the ortho clinic and they told me I had some kind of sprain that is common for individuals with flat feet.  They gave me to exercise to do with a theraband, but the exercises really suck so I’m trying to find some good youtube videos of better exercises I can do that will allow me more control.  

In the meantime I’ve been wearing my sneakers to work.  I’ve invested in some good insoles and yes, I may have to start downgrading my heel height. At 51 it’s probably time to go from those sky high 5 to 5.5 inch heels to nice 3 to 2.5 inch heel right about now. so I’ve been shopping at the Goodwill and other thrift stores buying lower heel dress and casual shoes to populate my shoe racks.  I’ve been finding some great deals for under $7.  So I should have a nice selection in no time.  I still plan on wearing the higher heels I’ve invested so much money in over the last 10 years, they’ll be worn for events where I won’t be on my feet all night.
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Celebrating December Birthday’s

I just turned 51 last Thursday and one of my good friends is turning 45 tomorrow. We celebrated
together at Bar Louie. Had an awesome time.


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I hope everybody has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Organic Free Range Turkey

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BCBG MAXAZIA ‘Zurich’ Runway Collection Shoes

I popped into Ross for Less today and found these amazing metal plated pumps on clearance for $34.99.  It was actually in the wrong place (of course, you know how things are always thrown around in Ross) and my eye saw the quality an aisle away.  The leather is extra soft and surprising it was very comfortable to walk in;  they’re a 6 and  I normally wear a 6.5 but these fit me perfectly.  Maybe I’ll rock these for New Year’s Eve!



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Save money on dresses During this Black Friday

Save money on dresses During this Black Friday

Black Friday is known as the best time to get prime merchandise heavily discounted. People wait in line for hours to get deals, waking up in the middle of the night often times to secure a place in the line. If you are in the market for dresses, you can get name brands for a discounted price during the holiday season, both online and in the stores. Here are a couple of suggestions about how to maximize your savings during Black Friday:

Buy in Bulk

Sometimes buying items in bulk online will get you a lower price. Dresses in a similar style may come in buy two get the third three packages.

Clip Coupons

It doesn’t matter if you physically clip them out of the paper or print them from a coupon repository online, the result is the same. Saving money on items that you would buy anyway is one of the smartest things you can do for your bank account. To really make this work for you, figure out the difference between the retail prices and the total you actually paid. Cici Hot is a women fashion store that has good offers here, if you are looking for clothing or accessories then take a look at their site.

Compare online prices with store prices

Sometimes the better deal is online. Sometimes it is in the store. The prices can be different for the same store. Make sure you know what they price online will be before waiting in line and shopping in the store. You might find one is cheaper than the other.Black Friday shopping can be fun, especially when you’re getting a great deal.

Get some sleep and head out in the morning!


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