Pop-Art Lip Pencil Skirt – Street Style Inspiration

I was surfing around on the net as usually and came across an Atlanta Street Style Blog.  I love browsing through Street Style website so I can get ideas and inspiration for new looks.
I came across one photo where I was like wow!  This diva was wearing a really funky pop-art skirt and I instantly was like “yeah, I got to have that piece“. Since the photo was recent I searched to try to find this skirt or at least something like it;  and low and behold, Gojane.com was selling it on their website for $19 and it was the last one left according to the website, so even though it was one size too big (a medium), I ordered it anyway and decided I’d fix it later.

When the skirt arrive, it was too big because it’s stretch fabric and I’ve lost weight recently. It was also too long, so at some point, I will take the skirt in on the sides but for now, I just rolled the waist band up 2 times and it hit be right below the knee which is perfect.  I wore this outfit Friday night for date night (movies, dinner and dancing).  I’m a happy camper.


I hope you ladies have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday.  Stay Safe and Happy!



 Black Lace Trim Blouse - Luella for Target

 Pop-Art Skirt - GoJane

 Leather Belt - Ann Klein

 Platform Heels -Breckelle

 Leather Bag - Etienne Aigner


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Suakoko Betty for Belk – Ankara Print Dress

I didn’t know that Belk had a pilot collection for Suakoko Betty by Charlene Dunbar. I think they released it in the Spring. I’ve been so busy and I haven’t step foot in the mall in several months. By the time I realize they had this amazing crop of wax print ankara dresses at Belk, they were already marked down and sold out.
Nothing was left on Belk’s website either. So I had to hit up Ebay and low and behold someone was selling one for $33 dollars, New with Tag. I believe this dress was selling at Belk’s full retail for $168.00.  I didn’t hesitate, I did a best offer on it and won.  I love the dress even though it was 1 size to big, but I belted it and made the dress a little shorter and it worked out perfectly!  I still plan to add a burgundy band at the bottom to finish the dress off properly.  I’m going to use the excess fabric off the hemline to make a clutch, so watch out for that.
There are two more dresses I want in her collection and I’m sure they will pop up on Ebay eventually  but I’m glad I got at least one of them.
I actually made one clutches over the last few weeks and have another one in the works. I plan to do a blog post about them when I get a chance.  Both of which I repurpose from a plain clutch I found at Village Value and recovered it with a batik fabric and I plan to use the excess fabric from this dress for the second clutch.  So stay tuned for that. 

I hope you ladies have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday.  Stay Safe and Happy!



 Ankara Print Dress - Suakoko Betty

 Basketweave Clutch - Nine West

 Leather Belt - Talbot’s

 Tangerine Platform Heels -Aldos



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Colorblock Nails

Yeah I really did go there!  I don’t do designs on my nails,  I don’t have a long nail bed and I like to keep my nail short to medium length, so there is not a lot of room for graphic designs.  I like to keep it somewhat simple, but I do like mixing it up a bit occasionally, so I’m going to be getting a little more daring with my nail color and doing more color blocking.
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Thifted Under $10

I’m getting in the last of my summer dresses before September rolls in.  This entire outfit is a collection of Poshmark, Ebay and Value Village one piece at a time.  LOL!  The pieces that were under $10 was the dress and clutch and the shoes I got for $45 off of Ebay.
The H&M babydoll dress I got via Value Village for $3.50 and the amazing beaded clutch I scored from Poshmark for $9.50.

I’ve been thrifting some really nice items at Value Village lately and I’ll be working those pieces into my post over the next few months.

Here is a more detailed view of the multi-colored beaded clutch.  I’ve carried this clutch several times since purchasing it about a 2 months ago, absolutely love it!


I’ve been wanting to wear these Guess colorblock heels for a while.  They are quite unique and I feel lucky to have scored them.  It’s a suede upper with a cork front platform and a thin blue suede heel in the back.  I love color contrast in these heels and unfortunately I didn’t wear them as much as I thought I would this summer so I decided to make it work for this outfit.

Okay ladies have an great weekend.

 Blue Babydoll Dress  - H&M via Value Village

 Beaded Clutch  - Poshmark

 Colorblock Platform Sandals - Guess Maricano via Ebay


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Gluten-Free, Diary-Free and Sugar Free Lifestyle

Just touching a little on my dietary regime. Since I turned 50 last year I decided I couldn’t afford to continue to make bad food choices. At my age I have no room to play. I must eat whole organic foods, what I call God-given foods. I can’t do foods loaded with containing chemical additives and preservatives.

I decided not to consume animal flesh where their diet consist of poor GMO pesticide ridden food or they are being injected with hormones and antibotics.  I’ve decrease my consumption of animal flesh to three times a month (chicken, turkey and fish). I drink a glass of red wine once a month. Since making these changes, I noticed that my appetite has decreased and I’m no longer constantly hungry throughout the day. When I was consuming a lot of refined sugar I felt like I couldn’t eat enough, it was like constantly having to fill a huge black hole. Now if I eat two pieces of fruit I feel full for at least 4 to 5 hours. I do have scheduled meal plan to make sure I get my protein and fiber in on a daily basis.

From 125 to 109 pds

125 to 109 pds

I realize that giving up grains, diary and sugar are a major undertaking but I’m already experiencing the benefits. My digestive system does not feel so overloaded, I have more energy, I’ve lost weight, I’m not sick to my stomach as often, I’m not randomly eating throughout the day for no reason, overall I feel better and I feel righteous in the fact that I’m doing what I have to do to protect my health, I don’t want to be a slave to the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies. I’m proud of the fact that I’m 50 with no pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressures, etc. and that I’m not on any kind of long-term medication. I’m starting to get back into my exercise routine and I’m trying to do more strength training to build up my muscle mass. I don’t trust the medical profession to take care of me, I got to be pro-active and do what I need to do, especially since most healthcare providers know we are consuming dangerous GMO foods and are being exposed to all kind of chemicals via our personal care products, cleaning supplies and a whole host of other things. Well, I could rant for days on this topic but I will just wrap it up here.

If you feel like you need to make dietary changes in your life because you don’t feel like yourself or you are developing health issues, don’t feel overwhelmed. Just take one step at a time and tackle one area like cutting out processed foods and then when you are comfortable with that phase move on to the next phase that will get you to your goal of good health and well being.

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The Little Floral Dress

Every woman needs a little black dress in her closet and she needs a little floral one too!
I absolutely adore this dress!  I was gifted this wonderful item from Necessary Clothing to review.  I will say honestly that this dress is amazing for the price. When I was given a choice of what to select from their website, my eyes instantly when to this item because of the full long sleeves and soft curbed edges on the hem that crossover in a wrap detail.  Got to love it.  I ordered the Large because I wasn’t sure it was Junior or Misses sizes. The large was too big.  I could definitely fit the medium or small if I wanted the hem line a little shorter.  So I’m guessing sizes are in the Misses range.

On their website the description for this dress states it works for all body types. I can say that this style is very forgiving which is why I chose it since I have a very difficult body type to dress; for us short-waist divas this is a good pick. Now I did have to adjust the shoulders and sew the shoulder area up higher, but that is only because I selected the large; had I gone with the medium or small I probably wouldn’t need any alterations.

Necessary Clothing has a lot of gorgeous items and I do plan on spending my own money to purchase a few pieces. Check them out ladies when you get a chance. Cute, trending and classic apparel with most items under $50.00
Now on to the shoes.espadrilles


I got these extra cute espadrilles made my Seychelles for a steal, which I will detail in another blog post. I love them to death and have worn them several times this summer. I’ll do another outfit post wearing these puppies with a 4th of July outfit I put together.  Have a great weekend ladies!


 Floral Print Dress - Necessary Clothing

 Gold Obi Belt - Ebay

 Handbag - CATOs w/ d.i.y. alteration

 Espadrilles -Seychelles



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Flowly Blue Dress with an Animal Print Clutch

I’m trying to get some use out of all of my summer dresses before Fall approaches. This week ends July and we are rolling into August already. The kids will be back in school at the end of next month and then September (Fall) will be knocking at our doors. So I figured I better wear some of my hot weather dresses now.
I like the bottom of the dress but not happy about the top, so maybe, I might end up turning it into a skirt. I really don’t like bare shoulder dresses but I fell in love with the cut on this dress, the color and the fabric, just hate that it’s bare shoulders. Since I sew, I just have to find the time to do a quick alteration and change the top or make it into a skirt. Overall I’m pleased with my purchase it was a $20 dress so…..the little chain rope belt is cool, even though I was so tempted to change the belt out like I always do.
Healthy wise I’m still doing good on my gluten free diet and I found a cool little restaurant, Zoe’s Kitchen that offers a gluten free menu. I’ve also realize since I gave up all wheat and grains as well as sugar, my hunger craving have ceased. I’m not as hungry / ravenous as I use to be! There were times when I felt like I was pregnant because my appetite was out of control, but now I know that high fructose corn syrup can cause those kind problems. I’m so glad to be free from that chemical-laden, sugar beast!


I’m no longer enslaved to it and I’m starting to notice that I have a lot more energy now and I definitely don’t feel as tired as I was 2 months ago. Though my diet is pretty bland right now, because I really needed to detox; I will try to incorporate more creative meals into my diet as time progress. I figured I just do one thing at a time and not get too overwhelmed trying to make a lifestyle change. I’m also reading a book about eating more anti-inflammatory foods and of course staying away from foods that feed fungus and yeast. Well, that’s it till next time ladies. Have a great week as always.


 Blue Dress  - Rue 21

 Clutch  - Nine West

 Platform Shoes - BCBGeneration


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Bumming it – Graphic Tee and Jeans

Hello ladies, hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to share these shoes I recently got off of Amazon.com.  I really like Jessica Simpson “Dany” 70′s platform shoe that came out about 2 years ago, I think; but after much thought I decided not to purchase them (especially since they were running around $100 bucks) because they were just too trendy.  I couldn’t see myself investing that kind of money in a pair of shoes I know I would be ready to phase out once the deluxe over-the-top platform trend was over (which has already happened).
I went into a shoe store here in my area and saw a dupe of her shoes by Breckelle.  They didn’t have my size so I ordered them off Amazon.  I got them for $21 with free shipping with my prime account.  I was more than satisfied paying that amount for a cute trendy shoe that I will probably get rid of next year.
I also have an update on my weight and diet regime.  As I mentioned in a previous post last year, I did a anti-fungal (no sugar) diet for a couple of months and then decided to revisit it again (permanently) this year. I have also gone gluten-free, grain-free and diary-free.  I was having digestive issues and I felt this kind of dietary change promotes better liver function and a better digestive system.  I know I feel like I have more energy since I have gone gluten free and I’m not waking up feeling sick to my stomach, like I was previous to the new diet change.  I will try to keep you guys updated on my progress and share any positive changes.  Have a great week ladies! 


 Graphic Tee - No boundaries   |    Cropped Pants - Old Navy   |   Platform Shoes - Breckelle   | Green Leather Satchel -Marc by Marc Jacobs
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Homecoming Dresses from Weddingshe


Homecoming Dresses from Weddingshe

Prom may be over this year but this is an excellent time to purchase a gown at a great price for your next graduate. Aside from that this site offers Free Worldwide Shipping. Choosing the perfect Homecoming Dresses can be quite time-consuming, but at weddingshe.com they have so much to choose from in a price range that will suit just about anyone’s budgetary constraints. They have affordable homecoming dresses in every color, shape and style one could possibly imagine.

There are tons of great options for Weddingshe homecoming dresses on-line. If you’re looking for a best selling prom dresses or a sexy fashion prom dresses to wear to the prom party, then just selecting the right dress is easy when you have great affordable options to choose from with on-line retailers. Weddinshe.com stocks hundreds of dresses for homecoming, parties, dances and weddings. Many are in stock and ready to ship quickly for that special party or event. Whether you want a sophisticated one-shoulder new arrival prom dresses or a cute fashion prom dresses in sizes from petite to plus, you will find they offer some of the best-selling prom dress available.


Weddingshe.com has pulled together a fabulous collection of the most colorful and unique prom dresses. Make sure you stand out by selecting one of their unique designs. There are style available from modern and asymmetrical to classic and vintage-inspired. Their are so many options in different fabrics and colors with luxe detailing, cut-out designs, grecian goddness looks, red carpet ready designer inspired gowns, one shoulder and lace, sequin and rhinestone embellished and so much more. There’s a homecoming gowns for all shape, sizes and personal taste.

Whether you’re on a budget or not, you’re sure to find a homecoming dress or gown that will totally knock you off your feet and give you the glamorous look you want on your special day!

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Using wonderful linens to transform a room!


I love using fabrics and linens. Both can transform a room and give you a whole new look for less. One of the easiest and least expensive details is table linen decorations such as table cloths, napkins and chair covers. Linens can easily upgrade a dining room and can also be used to create matching drapes and custom pillows. Using the best linens available (high tread count and luxury details) can give your dining room a very elegant feel without investing in new furniture. It’s about details!

Transforming a room with the use of linens like table cloths, chair pads and cover as well as table runners and drapes are a quick and budget friendly way to breathe life into any dining area or room.

A simple way to start is by changing the table cloth and replacing it with a beautiful pattern or luxury fabric linen such as jacquard or heavy weight organza. Pick a color you can match with the rest of the items in your dining area, lovely neutral and pastel colors like beige, antique white, stark white, tans and other neutral hues can complement a dining room with wallpaper or strong colors. Luxury prints in brilliant colors and fabrics work well for dining rooms with neutral colored walls. You also purchase additional table cloths and use them to replace the curtains for example to give your dining area an all around cohesive and tied together look. You can swag the cloth with tassels or install large grommets and run them through a fancy curtain rod with finale at the end, clearly the possibilities are endless in this regard. To add the finish touch to your table you can include a contrasting running on your table and also purchase napkins rings in all types of metals, woods, rhinestone, crystals or other types of fancy materials to pair with your matching napkins. Add a interesting new floral arrangement or other type of center piece and you have successfully transformed your room in a new and interesting showplace in a budget friendly way. Now ladies, close your eyes and picture the final results.

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