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don’t I look so happy to be at work!



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Vince Camuto Jemmy – Found!

I wanted these shoes soooo bad when they first came out (2012) but you just can’t buy everything you want, right.  So by the time I got my little coins together this shoe was sold out everywhere on-line.  I had to wait it out and see if someone listed their on Ebay.  I’ve been searching since then.  Finally!  someone posted a pair in my size on poshmark.  [Just a sidenote:  I love Ebay but they have fallen off big time!  They have fee themselves right out of the game.  Ebay is now a shell of what it use to be and paypal has jumped ship and gone independent.]  But, I digress, that is a whole another post entirely.

Well, I’m a huge Vince Camuto fan, I absolutely love his shoes, so I was so happy to find these.  They were $34.  I’m hoping to find the black pair as well but I’m going to wait to see how these fit me first.


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The Love of Platforms


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Retro Me – 1985

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A Lil Peach Midi Skirt


I’m so happy I found this blazer, I don’t know who would give this away, but it turned out to be a win for my closet.  I think this is a like a shrunken jacket style because it hit my hips at the perfect position without having to alter anything.  Now I would only rock this with a skirt since I’m short waisted.

 Well happy Monday ladies!

I hit Value Village up a few weeks ago and stumbled on this amazing blazer.  I’m instantly drawn to anything with beading, embroidery and just really weird, fun, intricate detailing. I had a black jersey tie from another dress or blazer and I just used that as a belt, worked out perfectly.  I purchased the peach midi skirt while back from TJ Maxx.  I actually had in the back of the closet and forgot about it cause it’s a tad bit, but since I put on a little bit of weight I moved it to the front of my closet again.
 Black Blazer – Rafella
 Peach Skirt – TJ Maxx
 Clutch – CATOs
 Tortoise Shell Watch – Michael Kors
 Colorblock Platforms – BCBGeneration
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Ethnic Print Sundress

I found this dress at a local flea market for $20 and I fell in love; anybody that visits this blog knows how crazy I’m for ethnic prints.  Love, love, love them.  So, if I don’t get a chance to wear this to the wedding and I know another opportunity will come up for me to rock this dress, and if it doesn’t truth and believe I create one.  LOL.

Have an amazing sunday ladies!

I have a wedding to go to next month and I thought about wearing this dress.  I really love the earthy-ness of this dress, but maybe it’s just a bit too earthy for a dressy affair.  I did see a African wax print dress that I really wanted off of Etsy and it had more of formal look to it. but it was a bit pricey so not sure what direction I’m going to go in.  
 Sapogee Sundress – Flea Market
 Nude Platforms – Mossimo
 Clutch – D.I.Y.
 Obi Belt – The Limited
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Cute Boot Alert: Mossimo Supply Co ‘Rylen’

So total with tax was $38.  I was happy with the price and the quality is good.  It does have a side zipper you don’t have to lace anything up.  I found the boots to run a tad bit small, but overall I’m pretty pleased with my purchase.
I decided to start early when it came to purchasing boots this year.  My size sells out so quickly, I wasn’t going to get caught slipping this year. LOL.  I have quite a few leather boots but I decided maybe it best to get faux leather to wear to work and for casual events sometimes, because my good leather boots always manage to get stained, scuffed up or discolored in some way.   So I decided to hit Target up again since I got some pretty decent boots from them last year.  I figured they should have their Fall boots out by now.  I found these flat heel lace-ups on sale (20% off all boots).
 Print Tunic – Ross for Less
 Blue Handbag – Cole Haan
 Lace-Up Boots – Mossimo Supply Co.
 Leather Belt – Thrift Store
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Satin Pajama Pants as Fashion Statement

I like the way the outfit came out, kind of out there and quirky, which is what I was going for.  I plan to use these pajama pants again for another look.  Hope you guys have a awesome week! 

 Satin Wraparound Top – CATO
 Heart Pajama Pants – Press
 Colorblock Clutch – Buffalo Exchange
 Black Platform Sandals – ALDOs

I went into storage the other day and decided to pull out some of my old clothing and do a purge before winter and I found this super cute black and white heart satin pajama set I bought a while back.  I totally forgot I had it.  It comes with a satin pajama button-up shirt.  So I took a good look at it and decided to use the pant for an outfit.  Figured I might as well get mileage out of less worn pieces (even pajamas).

This was my outfit for date night last week.  I paired it with a fuchsia satin pink top I brought from CATOs many moons ago and a colorblock clutch I got at Buffalo Exchange last year.

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Platform vs Non-Platform Shoes

I decided to keep buying platform shoes.  I don’t care if non-platform shoes are the trend right now. I’m sticking with my platforms because my feet needs support when I’m wearing heels.

I don’t want to go back to wearing non-platform heels that really hurt my feet especially with me having some issues with one of my ankles (and I definitely have to stay away from from the no platform shoes with a wide toe area).  I was so happy when platforms made a comeback because I was able to wear a higher heel and not feel any impact pressure or stress on my feet, they were comfortable and I was able to rock them all day without any major problems, especially if there was a one inch platform in the front to level things out.

I can do a non-platform shoe if the heel is 3 inches or lower but above that I need a front platform to ease the incline and make wearing heels more bearable for me.  I was searching for an affordable inspired look to these amazing Guiseppe Zanotti gladiator sandals pictured below and I found the perfect look-for-less on Ebay.  The Guess Ormandi was the winner.  It had the platform and sturdy stacked heel that was missing from the Guiseppe’s and it gave me the same wrap-around inspired detail like the Guiseppe’s .  What was even better was I got them new  for $32 including shipping.  I think the Guess shoes came out like a year ago so hence why I got a good price.  Just looking at both shoes, you can see which ones would have your feet hurting within an hour.  The Guess Ormandi wins hands down, can’t wait to get them!


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On my radar


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