Celebrating December Birthday’s

I just turned 51 last Thursday and one of my good friends is turning 45 tomorrow. We celebrated
together at Bar Louie. Had an awesome time.


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I hope everybody has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Organic Free Range Turkey

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Know the Difference: Replicas and Authentic Watches

We all want to know what differences there are between replicas and original watches.  How can we spot them and have a better understanding of their importance? I will present these differences below as thorough as I possibly can.

watchI will start with Water Resistance. For me, this is important. All luxury watches advertise their unbelievable water resistance, their capacity of diving into the deepest waters without experiencing any leakages or defects. These outstanding performances are possible due to the extensive efforts of constructing a case that is completely sealed. Once the winding crown is tighten, no water can get inside the case. This is a very complicated system that involves countless rubber seals and a unique way of positioning them. Replica manufacturers still do not comprehend the importance of this feature and because of this, fakes are not water resistant and do not possess the knowledge needed for cloning it. You cannot dive with a fake watch, swim or even shower with it.

Functionality. Nowadays, the watch doesn’t need to just tell time. I mean, if we want to know what time it is we can check our phone, Ipad or computer. We don’t actually need a watch for this. To compensate this, watches have become more than just time keeping devices. They have complicated functions that enhance their utility and beauty. For example, some watches have a chronometer, some show two different time zones while others show the day and date. Replicas are very limited in this matter. Fake watches cannot compete with the high functionality of real watches because they do not possess such a complex mechanism as the authentic timepieces do. Knockoffs use a cheap movement that has only the basic time keeping function, and in some cases it might even show the correct date.

Gold Plating. If you are a fan of gold color watches then buying a replica isn’t the right choice for you. Replica companies will claim that their products are made with high quality gold plating that will last even for a couple of years. This is such a huge lie! Replica watches that are gold plated will start to fade off after a couple of weeks or in the best case scenario, after a few months. Still, after this happens you can’t continue to wear the watch because anyone will be able to tell that it is a fake.

Low Precision.  Because replicas are equipped with low quality mechanisms, the watches do not keep very good time. These usually tend to lose a couple of minutes per day or even stop while you are wearing them. This isn’t something that can be overlooked as it affects the usability of the watch. What use does the replica have if it doesn’t function correctly? Plus, people will know that it is not the original watch.

Aesthetics. Even if you think that your replica is 100% authentic looking, it isn’t. There are still small details that make the difference, details that are very obvious for watch experts.  Things like the movement of the second hand, the shade or texture of the dial, some hidden marking or the weight of the watch are just a couple of the minor details that can be observed by an expert and make him understand that the watch isn’t authentic.

After reading all these, are you still sure that a replica is what you need? I am very convinced that you can do better than that and find a more affordable original timepiece that can serve both your style and time keeping needs.

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BCBG MAXAZIA ‘Zurich’ Runway Collection Shoes

I popped into Ross for Less today and found these amazing metal plated pumps on clearance for $34.99.  It was actually in the wrong place (of course, you know how things are always thrown around in Ross) and my eye saw the quality an aisle away.  The leather is extra soft and surprising it was very comfortable to walk in;  they’re a 6 and  I normally wear a 6.5 but these fit me perfectly.  Maybe I’ll rock these for New Year’s Eve!



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Save money on dresses During this Black Friday

Save money on dresses During this Black Friday

Black Friday is known as the best time to get prime merchandise heavily discounted. People wait in line for hours to get deals, waking up in the middle of the night often times to secure a place in the line. If you are in the market for dresses, you can get name brands for a discounted price during the holiday season, both online and in the stores. Here are a couple of suggestions about how to maximize your savings during Black Friday:

Buy in Bulk

Sometimes buying items in bulk online will get you a lower price. Dresses in a similar style may come in buy two get the third three packages.

Clip Coupons

It doesn’t matter if you physically clip them out of the paper or print them from a coupon repository online, the result is the same. Saving money on items that you would buy anyway is one of the smartest things you can do for your bank account. To really make this work for you, figure out the difference between the retail prices and the total you actually paid. Cici Hot is a women fashion store that has good offers here, if you are looking for clothing or accessories then take a look at their site.

Compare online prices with store prices

Sometimes the better deal is online. Sometimes it is in the store. The prices can be different for the same store. Make sure you know what they price online will be before waiting in line and shopping in the store. You might find one is cheaper than the other.Black Friday shopping can be fun, especially when you’re getting a great deal.

Get some sleep and head out in the morning!


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One Dress Two Seasons

This is a quick post showing me transitioning a cute summer/early fall dress into winter.  This is one of my favorite dresses because of its rich, bright wine color.

I’ve worn this dress several times this year and every time I got plenty of compliments. If you have a favorite pieces you want to get more wear out of, especially summer dresses. You can always pull a jacket over it and belt it (as I’ve shown below) or wear a cardigan with a slim belt on the outside as well. You can add wool stockings or tights (I hate tights of any kind so I did my winter outfit look without them), booties and a pair of brightly colored leather gloves to polish off your look.

I’m making more of an effort to really get more use out of one garment for multiple seasons instead of overflowing my home with tons of clothing for separate times of the year. It’s getting to the point where I’m running out of room for all of my clothing so I feel like I need to really be smart about my purchases and rotate/wear my clothing with more frequency.   It also makes you thing about the items you purchase and if you will be able to remix them and also transition that piece throughout the year, not to mention getting your money worth out of what you purchase.
I got the dress and the vintage 70’s leather belt from Goodwill last year, both were excellent buys, especially the dress.  I was drawn to the color and the sleeve and neck detail.  I’m been looking on ebay to see if they made this dress in other colors.  I would love to have at least one more in a blue or green maybe since I’ve wore this one so much this year.  Well that’s it ladies, I hope you all  have an awesome weekend!


 Dress – Mossimo

 Vintage Purple Leather Belt  – Goodwill

 Colorblock Peeptoe Pumps  – BCBGirls

 Chain Belt  – Attention

 Black Cape  – Apostrophe

 Animal Print Booties – Sam Edelman

 Creme Handbag – Tory Burch


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“Slimming Fit” Jeans

Your Favorite Jeans carried by NYDJ

AMI SUPER SKINNY - .nydj.comFinding just the right fit in denim, especially jeans for women,can be a bit challenging.  I always look for jeans that hug my legs just right and also make me look slim and trim. When we as women get a little older, start families, and have babies, we definitely need our denim to hold "everything" in all the right places.  We need jeans for us – we need NYDJ!

NYDJ brings an exclusive fabric with “Lift Tuck Technology” to ‘Flatten Your Tummy’ with its double criss-cross feature. Their jeans lift your buttocks and make you look one size smaller! On top of that they’ve taken comfort into consideration as well. Those are all things the 35+ woman needs in a good pair of jeans.

We don’t want muffin top; we need a good solid fit, qualitystretch fabric that will last through many washes or trips to the dry-cleaners. We want non-fading denim, a good inseam length,jeans that have tummy control and liftability, durable zippers and seams, and the ability for women of all shapes and sizes to look great. Whew! That’s a lot right? But it’s possible. NYDJ has addressed all of the above in their revolutionary line of denim.

There’s a wide selection of everyone’s favorite styles, including wide leg jeans, bootcut, skinny, boyfriend, and straight leg, and all feature their slimming jeans technology in different washes and colors. They also keep it current with fashion forward styles like their gold metallic foil jeans, so you’re not limited to certain basic styles. You’ve got some chicness in the mix as well, which absolutely has to be an option for me. I like the classic styles but I also want the option of having jeans that are edgy and interesting to wear without sacrificing comfort. This is why I appreciate the fact that this brand has twice as much Lycra as many other brands. The higher rise holds in tummies and lifts butts (like Spanx built into jeans) and is the perfect combination to keep our assets in all the right areas and still deliver wearability and comfort!

Their selection of jeans is extensive as are the range of sizes, including petite, tall, short, and plus size jeans. Take a look at the full collection at NYDJ.com and find your perfect fit!

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Date Night Follies – Cargo Pants & Flirty Top

I usually wear a cute flowly dress for date night but since the weather is getting cooler in the evenings I decided to be a little bit more casual but still sexy and cute for my guy. We did dinner and a movie Friday night. This is actually a remixed look, I’ve had the top and pants for a while and decided to break them back out to get some additional wear out of them.
I’ve posted an outfit with this top and pants a few years back.  I couldn’t get in either piece back in ’12 because of the weight gain from taking HRT therapy.  I was glad to be able to fit in these items again because both of my favorites.  

I found the cool leather belt (which you’ll see again in a different outfit post) from Goodwill. I also brought 2 or 3 dresses as well and will have those coming up in future outfit postings. The handbag is from ‘2004 or ’06, I’ve had it for several years, I stuck in up in the far end of my closet and forgot all about it and then decided to break it back out and put some mileage on it.

I will probably post maybe 4 more outfits before the end of the year.  I can’t believe we are about to go into the holiday season already and I feel like I just took the NYE banner down out of my house the other day.  This year flew by like it was just 6 months.  Arrggg!  Feels like I can’t catch up, where is the time going!


 Peplum Top – Double Zero

 Black Cargo Pants – Old Navy

 Leather Belt – Goodwill

 Black Leather Bag – BCBG Maxariza

 Colorblock Shoes – Missoni for Target



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Summer Dress Still in Effect

Even though today is officially Fall.  It still has not cooled now in my city. Last week it the temperature didn’t get lower than 79 degrees.  This week it will be in the low 80’s.  I’m predicting an indian summer.  Everytime I reach for a jacket or long sleeve top, by the afternoon the temperature is back in the 80’s.   So I’m going to try and keep wearing my little summer dresses until the temperature cools down on a more consistent basis.
I found this cute little summer dress at the Goodwill for under $5.00.  I like that it has a zipper in the front and the fabric is soft stretch with a satin finish.  It’s just a dress you can grab and throw on without much thought, throw on a pair of heels and walk out the door.  I was going through my storage unit and found my blue Nine West platform heels I brought a few years back.  It was a ‘here’s my blue pumps, I was looking for those shoes!‘ moment.  So glad I found them because I remember I went through considerable trouble to found these shoes when they first came out.  I’m glad to know I didn’t lose them or give them away by accident.
Since I recovered by cherished blue platforms, I plan on wearing them more often.  They’re closed toe so I can still wear these right into Fall.  I actually wore these the other night when I attended my girlfriend birthday bash with a white pencil skirt (yes I still rock white after Labor Day) and a orange and blue striped shirt. Worked out perfectly. 

 Black Floral Dress – BeBop via Goodwill

 Pink Suede Clutch – Banana Republic

 Satin and Patent Platform Heels – Nine West



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Thrift Store Finds – Tory Burch Flats

I rolled into Value Village this afternoon and decided to check out their shoe section. Low and behold I found two pair of Tory Burch ballet flats, both were in my size. One pair was a cream patent leather and the other was a chocolate Reva flat. I got the cream pair for $10 and the brown pair for $7. Yes, what a STEAL!

Both are still in good condition and super comfortable.


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